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Posted on: April 7, 2009 12:05 am

North Carolina wins national title, 09-10 talk

I actually called this one last April. There was just no denying all season long that from top to bottom North Carolina was the best team in college basketball this season.

The Tar Heels murdered Michigan State tonight in a game that was never close and never competitive. Tyler Hansbrough won his first title and now moves onto the NBA and Ty Lawson is probably going with him. Wayne Ellington was the MOP.

Congratulations to Michigan State on a great season. The Spartans played well and I don't mean to take anything away from them. Conference talk, future NBA talk, and history aside the guys in the baby blue jerseys were just better.

Now it's time to start discussing next year. Earlier last week I threw out a quick top 25. I will update it in a few days when a few more underclassmen make NBA decisions. For now you can check it out here.

Posted on: April 1, 2009 7:21 pm
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Dantheman's INITIAL TOP 25 for 2009-2010

My first top 25 of the year is here. There are a lot of things to consider when doing a top 25 before players announce their leaving and while coaches are playing ring around the rosey.

Here's some things to think about:

John Calipari's jump to Kentucky changed everything. Memphis went from #2 to #10 and Kentucky went from unranked to #12.

The Pac Ten looks like it is going to be wide open. When was the last time UCLA began a season unranked?

Is Kentucky now the SEC favorites? Florida looked like a team that could challenge for the title before Nick Calathes announced he was leaving. Will Bruce Pearl leave Tennessee and leave the Vols' future up in the air as well?

Who is going to leave school? I think we'd all agree that Blake Griffin will along with James Harden.

The rankings at the link below are sort of a mixture of players projected to leave and stay. For the most part I gave teams the benefit of the doubt until the players announce their leaving. Oklahoma and Arizona State weren't as lucky since I see both Griffin and Harden leaving. Neither has announced it though and Harden said he had a lot of thinking to do in an article I read earlier today. It still looks like they will both leave.

How about mid majors? Well I promise you won't sea a top 25 like this one anywhere else. I am almost 100% sure ESPN and Gary Parrish (who I respect tremendously) won't stick their necks out and rank seven mid majors like I have. Butler, Gonzaga, Xavier, Memphis, Creighton, Saint Marys, and BYU are all in my rankings.

The hardest part about ranking teams is to decide whether young means good. It doesn't. But it does mean that experience returns to a team. That was the case with the Cougars and Blue Jays.

My personal thought on this is that anyone with a computer can throw out a top 25. I take more pride in my work with that. Anyone can throw out random teams (as I saw someone on these boards do earlier today) without any research. I did a lot of research for this and kept the write ups as short as possible so it's more fun to read.  And anyone can throw out the big name teams and be confident they are going to have a pretty good top 25. I didn't do that. Like I said, seven mid majors prove that.

Here's the link and I hope you enjoy. Please comment here or there.

TOP 25: http://onlinesportsfanatic.com/2009

There will be an update in the next few days.



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Posted on: January 28, 2009 11:53 pm
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Make Your Case: Which Team is Really #1?

Are Blake Griffin and Oklahoma the nation's best team? Over the next few months you are going to hear a lot of commentary from me, your official NCAA Tournament blogger, so I'd loving nothing more than to get some feedback from you guys. Now that #1 Duke and #3 Pittsburgh lost on Wednesday the conversation about who the nation's best team is has started back up.

The Blue Devils ran into a Wake Forest squad ready to take out revenge on whichever team was next on its schedule, and the Blue Devils just happened to be that team. Duke has been playing exceptional basketball, including a absolute domination of Maryland in Cameron Indoor on Saturday.

But guess who is sneaking back into the #1 picture?

Wake Forest. The Demon Deacons last second win over Duke showed that they aren't going to just fade away after their loss to Virginia Tech last Wednesday night.

Duke's loss brings a lot of teams into the mix though. Oklahoma, Connecticut, and North Carolina are in the mix along with Wake Forest. I can't argue with people that want to still claim Duke or Pittsburgh either.

So what I want from you guys is the answer to a couple of questions.

  • Who should be ranked #1 in the country?
  • Who is actually the best team in the country (in your opinion)?
  • Who is playing the best basketball in the country?

And then I want to know which one of these three things is the most important to you when you create a top 25.

If you want my opinion North Carolina is the best team in the country. Louisville is playing the best basketball but after their win tonight Wake Forest should be ranked #1. Go figure.



Just a few quick nuggets from tonight's games:

  1. Michigan is not playing well right now, and it's making everyone forget about those two early wins over UCLA & Duke. I've received a lot of criticism for having the Wolverines outside my bracketology, but at 14-7 and losers of four of their last five it's hard to believe Michigan is one of the best 65 teams in the country right now.
  2. Remember the argument about Villanova? You know the one I'm talking about, it's the one where they don't have any big wins. Well scratch that. 
  3. Providence has me dying to do my bracketology right now. The Friars win over Syracuse showed that they can beat good competition and that their 6-2 Big East record...yes 6-2...is no fluke. Syracuse is 5-4 now in Big East play.
  4. Georgetown is in a lot of trouble. Teams that only win 12 of their first 19 games usually aren't even on the bubble. The Hoyas are because they've played the nation's hardest schedule and because they play in the Big East. The Hoyas have now lost four games in row, but they have the computer numbers to fall back on. Don't sleep on Cincinnati (who knocked off Gtown tonight). The Bearcats are 4-4 in Big East play.
  5. What is it about struggling powers right now? Notre Dame, Georgetown (as previously mentioned), Wisconsin, and Tennessee are struggling to find themselves. The Volunteers lost again at home on Wednesday, their fourth home loss this season. LSU picked up a huge win and is even arguably now even/ahead of Tennessee in the SEC pecking order for an at large bid. The Volunteers computer numbers and sheer talent can only count for so much when the NCAA Tournament committee looks at their profile. Next up? Florida with College Gameday in the house.
  6. Remember that this was the year that Memphis was suppose to have some road blocks in Conference USA? Well mark down a 48th consecutive win, this one over East Carolina. I am planning on seeing the Tigers in person when they travel to Bartow Arena to take on UAB in February.
  7. Northern Iowa showed who the real power is in the Missouri Valley conference. It looks like Illinois State was a early season Cinderella that has lost its slipper sometime way before Midnight was suppose to strike.
  8. Ty Lawson should be in the POY race. I have said that before tonight's games, but after his three lifted North Carolina past Florida State tonight at the buzzer I think it proves it. Sure Stephen Curry, Jodie Meeks, Blake Griffin, and Tyler Hansbrough are all great candidates, but so is Lawson.
  9. Jerry Palm might be on to something . If you haven't seen CBS' guru's latest 'Projecting the Field' he has Northwestern in his field. The Wildcats barely escaped tonight against lowly Indiana and although it was close a win is a win. The Wildcats are 3-5 in conference play but they do have some nice wins and pretty good computer numbers. Maybe just maybe they can make their first ever NCAA Tournament, although I'm still not counting on it.
  10. On an unrelated note, if you guys have used March Madness on Demand the last couple of years to get NCAA Tournament games outside of your area then listen up. This year I'm told they have a brand new player set up and it's suppose to be better than ever. It's not ready just yet, but here's the link where you can sign up to get an email notification for when it is.

Just a few quick things I want to add aside from my post. I am considering moving my bracketology here as well, although it will always be on OSF. A new bracket will be available tomorrow night since I did not have time to create one tonight, and I apologize for that.

-Daniel Evans

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