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Posted on: January 18, 2009 2:57 pm
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Dantheman's Power 16 (after Saturday)

I know I said I was going to do this on Wednesday nights but I just couldn't help but to post another one after watching Saturday's games. The top spot remains the same but basically every other team has changed spots.

Make sure you comment below and tell me what you think.

Dantheman's Power 16:

1 (1). Wake Forest (15-0): Winning at Clemson isn't easy, especially when the Tigers are playing to keep their perfect start going. The win against North Carolina was extremely impressive as well. Anyone that wants to argue that this is the nation's best team needs to rethink their ranking system.

2 (3). Duke (15-1): Add Georgetown to the Duke "good wins" list after Saturday. The Blue Devils have been great out of conference so far this season with their only loss coming to Michigan, a team they also have a win against. This team appears destined to get a #1 seed in the Big Dance.

3 (4). North Carolina (16-2): What am I suppose to do, not rank the most talented team in the top three just because they lost a couple of games? If North Carolina had stayed on their slide they would've continued their slide in my rankings, but wins over Virginia and Miami (FL) ended that pretty quickly.

4 (2). Pittsburgh (15-1):
I't was going to happen eventually, so let's not put too much into this. Pittsburgh went into Freedom Hall against a hot Louisville team, blew a lead, and let the Cardinals end their perfect season. It should end with that. The pressure is off now and it's time to just play basketball.

5 (6). Connecticut (15-1): The Huskies have won five straight since their loss to Georgetown. It seems like the Huskies are being forgotten about behind the talk of undefeated teams and North Carolina's recent struggles. This team will be a team lots of people like in their office pools come March though.

6 (5). Syracuse (17-2): Georgetown out-shot them in their second loss of the year, but they bounced back quickly by knocking off Notre Dame at home. The Orange might be the best three pointing shooting team in the country. They light it up from everywhere and they aren't afraid to shoot it.

7 (7). Oklahoma (17-1): The Sooners keep winning big games. Blake Griffin & company appear to be the class of the Big 12 and they've proven it every time they've taken the floor so far this season. On Saturday they let Texas A&M creep back into the game before putting the Aggies away late.

8 (9). Michigan State (15-2): Only one team is undefeated in Big Ten play at this point, and that's the Spartans.It was challenged Saturday against Illinois when the Illini led late in the second half, but Michigan State came back to win at home. The Spartans have recovered from a rocky start to the season.

9 (11). Marquette (16-2): 5-0 in Big East play tells the story here. The Golden Eagles are doing something a lot of Big East coaches didn't think was possible, and that was to jump out ahead of the pack in the rough tough Big East.  With DePaul next 6-0 is very possible.

10 (14). Louisville (13-3): The Cardinals have found themselves, and it's just in time. Their win over #1 Pittsburgh on Saturday showed heart, toughness, and just how good this team can be. I ranked them #2 in the preseason and for the first time all year they finally look like that team.

11. (13) Arizona State (14-2): Well well well, look at what we have here. Arizona State came back to take their game with UCLA to overtime, and then they found a way to win. That's what good teams do. UCLA is not going to run away with the Pac 10 like they have in past seasons.

12 (8). Clemson (16-1): Clemson lost at home on Saturday to undefeated and soon to be #1 Wake Forest. That's okay though. The Tigers just have to avoid their regular midseason swoon that puts them on the bubble. It's time to focus and figure out how to stay on track.

13 (10). UCLA (13-3): I said this before their loss to Arizona State: "I've seen the Bruins play many times this season, and they still aren't playing their best basketball." And then Arizona State made me look smart by beating UCLA on Saturday. The Bruins will bounce back and probably still will win the Pac 10. Right now there's a three way tie at the top.

14 (13). Georgetown (11-4): How does a team they just lost stay in the top 16? Because they also just knocked off Syracuse (who knocked off Notre Dame Saturday). When you play an out of conference that includes Memphis, Tennessee, and Duke you can afford a few losses. Especially if you play in the Big East.

15 (15). Butler (15-1): The Bulldogs played on national television on Satuday and looked terrible. Yet they found a way to win. That's key. Good teams find a way to win games they shouldn't win more times than naught. Their Horizon League winning streak continues.

16 (16). Texas (12-4): The Longhorns appear to be getting back on track after a rough stretch of games. Texas stays in this spot since their win over Texas Tech isn't all that impressive and because nobody from outside my top 16 made a move to get into the top 16.

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Dantheman's College Basketball Power 16

Dantheman is officially back and posting on CBS. I know it's hard to hide your excitement. It's true that I have been in a hiatus as far as posting on my CBS blog, because I've been working on my personal website for quite a while.

All of my nightly bracketology has been being posted over there each night.

But I decided to do a power poll just for the heck of it. If I get enough responses I would love to do it every week on Wednesday night. It just depends on what you guys think.

How did I decide to do only 16 teams? CBS' own Gary Parrish is rocking the the Top 25 (and one) every Sunday night, and everyone else around the web has a top 25. The only person I know who only ranks 16 teams is Sports Illustrated's Luke Winn. This is in no way meant to copy any poll from around the country. It is more or less just my ranking of the nation's top 16 teams.

Make sure you comment below and tell me what you think.

Dantheman's Power 16:

1. Wake Forest (14-0): What? Why not Pittsburgh? This is a travesty! This is just terrible. Yes, I can read your thoughts. The difference I see between Pittsburgh and Wake Forest is a win over North Carolina, a team we all thought could run the table a few weeks ago. This means ZERO disrespect to Pittsburgh, who is easily a national championship contender.

2. Pittsburgh (15-0):
I'm sure Pittsburgh fans hate me right now, so I better come up with something nice to say. Beating Georgetown, Florida State, Siena, Vermont, Belmont, Washington State, and winning every game is usually enough to be ranked #1. Like I said no disrepect is meant to the Panthers. Two of the next three are Louisville and Syracuse.

3. Duke (14-1): The Blue Devils lone loss was to Michigan, a team they also have a win against. What they are doing to good competition (Davidson, Florida State) has really caught my attention. I'm usually one of the people saying Duke gets too much attention, but this year the Blue Devils are playing well on the defensive side of the ball. They deserve all the attention they are getting. That in turn might get Coach K and the Blue Devils back to the Final Four.

4. North Carolina (14-2): After this I am no longer giving the Tar Heels the benefit of the doubt. If they lose at Virginia tomorrow night then I will be speechless. We all know UNC is the nation's most talented team, but they sure aren't showing it. Great teams don't usually lose to Boston College and follow it up by being outplayed against Wake Forest in a second loss.

5. Syracuse (16-1): Am I the only person that remembers this team is undefeated other than a 94 foot luck shot by Cleveland State? It was actually move of a heave than a shot, but it's the reason Syracuse isn't ranked in the top 3 of every poll in the country. The Orange appear to be among the favorites in the Big East early on.Andy Rautins has already hit 50 threes this season in 17 games.

6. Connecticut (14-1): The Huskies have won three straight since their loss to Georgetown, and have a very manageable schedule (if there is such a thing in the Big East) in their next three. St. Johns, Seton Hall, and Villanova are all teams that Uconn will be favored over, although the Pirates are better than most people think.

7. Oklahoma (16-1): Blake Griffin is the leading candidate for player of the year with 14 double doubles in 17 games this season. Their win over Texas in Norman also proved that the Sooners are the favorites to win the Big 12. Other than a tough loss to Arkansas this Sooners team has been great all season. Wins over UAB, Purdue, Davidson, Texas, VCU, USC, and American speak for themselves.

8. Clemson (16-0): Is this the year that Clemson finally starts the seson undefeated and makes the NCAA Tournament without a February swoon that sends them tumbling towards the bubble? Who knows. The only thing we do know is that 16 times Clemson has taken the court and 16 times Clemson was celebrating in the locker room afterwards. On Saturday either Wake or Clemson will lose for the first time.

9. Michigan State (14-2): Only one team is undefeated in Big Ten play at this point, and that's the Spartans. A nine game winning streak that includes wins over Minnesota, Texas, Ohio State, and Kansas shows how good this MSU team can be. On Saturday Illinois comes calling.

10. UCLA (13-2): I've seen the Bruins play many times this season, and they still aren't playing their best basketball. I know that's hard to fathom for a team that is 13-2 and well on its way to another Pac 10 championship (unless Cal or AZST get in the way) but it's very true. They were lucky to survive rival USC the other night.

11. Marquette (15-2): Too high for Marquette? Perhaps but 4-0 in the Big East truly speaks for itself this season. Since a loss to Tennessee the Golden Eagles have won seven straight games. If they win at Providence (not easy) and beat DePaul at home then a 6-0 Big East record will be on the line when they play at Notre Dame.

12. Georgetown (11-3): It's really hard not to have a Big East top heavy poll, but it's only fair that Georgetown gets ranked this high. How many others teams can compare to Georgetown's three game stretch that featured Pittsburgh, Connecticut, and Notre Dame? Other than Rutgers I can't think of anyone.

13. Arizona State (14-2): UCLA is about to find out pretty quick that the Pac 10 is not going to be an easy path to a #1 seed. It's still the weakest of the six major conferences (although many will argue the SEC is trying to steal that honor)  The Sun Devils are playing well behind James Harden.

14. Louisville (12-3): The Cardinals struggled in some big out of conference games, but they have played well since Big East play began. Go figure. On Saturday Louisville hosts #1 Pittsburgh in a game that could show just how good of a team this is. Terrence Williams is one of the nation's most dynamic players, and he's leading the way.

15. Butler (14-1): I love giving credit to mid majors. Is Butler really the nation's #15 team? Maybe not, but they deserve this spot as much as any other team. The only loss the Bulldogs have had all year was by three against Ohio State, and at that time the Buckeyes were playing their best basketball. Butler has won 18 straight Horizon league games.

16. Texas (12-4): The Longhorns have now lost two of their last three to Arkansas and Oklahoma. The next two games against Texas Tech and Texas A&M should provide the Longhorns with an oppurtunity to get back on track, although the Red Raiders and Aggies would love nothing more than to solidify their profile with a win over their rival.
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