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10 Things You Should Know Before the First Round

1) I will be blogging it live! I did this last year and it was a huge success. I expect a lot of questions from you guys, so don't let me down.

2) Oklahoma & Wake Forest scare me. If you didn't listen to my podcasts then you don't know this, but neither team has really won a big game on the road this season. Both are suppose to be top teams. How is this going to affect them in the NCAA Tournament? I'm really starting to think both could be gone before the Sweet 16.

3) The selection committee is suppose to try to avoid rematches from the season and from previous NCAA Tournaments. BYU-Texas A&M is a rematch from last season's first round and in one of the most puzzling decisions by the committee both Kansas-Michigan State and Florida State-Pittsburgh can happen again in the Sweet 16.

4) Louisville has the toughest road of all the number one seeds, but yet the Cardinals are the overall #1 seed in the entire tournament. Louisville has Michigan State, Wake Forest, Kansas, and West Virginia in its region. Yet it's hard not to see the Cardinals making the Final Four if they avoid a loss to Wake Forest in the Sweet 16.

5) I've ended my last three sentences with Sweet 16. That's interesting because at this point I want to discuss the potential Cinderellas that could make the Sweet 16. In my opinion Cinderellas are really Cinderellas, low seeded teams that can win two games at least. My three choices (if I had to choose three) would be Northern Iowa, Mississippi State, and Portland State.

6) The best first round game is probably going to be Oklahoma State-Tennessee. Make sure you don't miss this one if possible.

7) Michigan-Clemson isn't far behind. Between the inconsistent play of Clemson and the Wolverines unlikely trip to the NCAA Tournament lies a great story. It just depends on who wins. Either way Oklahoma is cringing thinking about playing either in round two.

8) Pittsburgh is the most complete team. I think North Carolina is the best, but the Panthers are the most complete.

9) The tournament's best first round matchup between individual players is between Temple's Dionte Christmas and Arizona State's James Harden. I am willing to bet they combine for at least 45 points.

10) My complete breakdown/picks of the NCAA Tournament field will be out tomorrow! For now I do have four podcasts for you to listen to (although they aren't very professional or clear in some cases):

Midwest Region
East Region
West Region
South Region

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Dantheman & Wizardking's NCAA Tournament Preview

Guys Wizardking and I have now completed our NCAA Tournament preview. It's not the most professional sounding thing ever but it is informative. I will have my complete preview posted soon hopefully, depending on how my wrist is feeling.

Midwest Region
East Region
West Region
South Region

It took about three hours of work. I know it may be tough to be patient and listen to it but please at least check out what we have to say about your favorite team. The podcasts get better the farther you go down the list (it seems like we got more comfortable).



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West Region First Round Preview

West Region First Round Preview:

1 UCLA vs. 16 Mississippi Valley State
UCLA should roll here behind Collison, Love, and all the rest of their talent.

Player to Watch: Kevin Love
Love is one of the best players in the country and hopefully his back spasms will not affect his play here (although UCLA shouldn't need much from him). If he can rebound well then UCLA's shooters will get second chance oppurtunities to score points all night long.

Key to the Game: MVST's trying to prevent huge UCLA runs.
Playing in Anaheim UCLA will have a lot of fans on hand to watch them play so if Mississippi Valley State wants to have any chance they might want to keep them out of the game. The only way to do that is to jump on the Bruins early and show them that they can play as well.

The Pick: UCLA 87, Mississippi Valley State
UCLA is just way too talented. The Bruins are looking to run through the West and looking at the bracket they know there isn't much in their way to prevent them from getting to a third consecutive Final Four.


8 Brigham Young vs. 9 Texas A&M
This should be one of the better games of the first round because both teams are pretty even.

Player to Watch: Joseph Jones
Jones shoots the three at a very high percentage, 40%, and his ability to stretch the BYU defense will mean everything here. If he can score then others like Dominique Kirk, Josh Carter, and Donald Sloan can enjoy success as well.

Key to the Game: BYU's ability to rebound the basketball.
The Cougars rebound well led by Lee Cummard (15.8 ppg), Trent Plaisted (15.6 ppg), and Jonathan Tavernari (13.1 ppg). If they can do that against the Aggies then they will have a great chance to win.

The Pick: Texas A&M 71, BYU 64
A close game until the final stretch when the Aggies pull away with a few late jumpers

5 Drake vs. 12 Western Kentucky
Two of the best mid majors in the country meet in Tampa, and it should be fun to watch.

Player to Watch: Klayton Korver
Kyle's younger brother has the same shooting touch and can also rebound the ball pretty well. Korver and Emmenecker will be huge in this game.

Key to the Game: Can Drake keep hitting 3s?
Drake hits about as many threes as any team in the country. The Bulldogs rely on 45% from Josh Young, 35% from Leonard Houston, and 43% from Jonathan Cox. If they all shoot like that then any team will have a tough time beating them.

The Pick: Drake 71, Western Kentucky 63
Drake just shoots the ball too well to lose here but the Hilltoppers play well.

4Connecticut vs 13 San Diego
Connecticut against a red hot San Diego squad...this one should be fun.

Player to Watch: Hasheem Thabeet
Thabeet blocks 4.5 shots a game and his mere presence can affect a players shot. If he can add some offense to go with his outstanding defense then Connecticut should roll.

Key to the Game: San Diego's getting to the line
If San Diego can get Thabeet up in the air on shot fakes and get him in early foul trouble then they could take a huge part of Uconn's defense out of the game.

The Pick: Connecticut 75, San Diego 69
San Diego sticks around but Jeff Adrien and A. J. Price score too much and make too many players to lose for the Huskies.

6 Purdue vs. 11 Baylor
Purdue's loss early in the Big Ten tournament has Boilermaker fans wondering if they could lose quick here too.

Player to Watch: Chris Kramer Kramer is Purdue's emotional leader and the Boilermakers will rely on his leadership big time here. If he can make plays and get into the game then the whole team will start playing better.

Key to the Game: Rebounding: Which team shows up for both teams?
Purdue and Baylor have both been extremely inconsistent this season. Both cost themselves a few seeds by losing early in conference tournaments. Will both teams show up for this one? I hope so.

The Pick: Baylor 65,Purdue 61
Purdue has been decent all season but I believe they are still a little overrated because the Big Ten is down. Baylor pulls the upset with their athleticism.

3 Xavier vs. 14 Georgia
Georgia just made a miracle run to get here but can they keep it going?

Player to Watch: Drew Lavender
Lavender has led the Musketeers all the way to a 3 seed in the NCAA Tournament. His assist to turnover ratio is 2.5 to 1 which is pretty good. If Lavender plays well then Xavier plays well.

Key to the Game: Georgia's ability to hit jump shots.
Sundiata Gaines can score at will and he did during the SEC Touranment. His 14.9 ppg and 6.1 rpg average is fantastic. Gaines is the heart of Georgia.

The Pick: Xavier 75, Georgia 68
Georiga plays like the team that just won the SEC Tournament but Josh Duncan and Lavender are too good to lose this early.

7 West Virginia vs. 10 Arizona
Two teams that can play with anybody, but also somewhat inconistent.

Player to Watch: Chase Budinger
Budinger is one of the best all around players in the Pac 10. He can score in a variety of ways and shotos 38% from the three point line.

Key to the Game: Which Arizona teams shows up?
To clear up my question is it the team that started the year 15-6 or the team that finished the yaer 19-14? Arizona better hope it's the team that started the year so strong.

The Pick: Arizona 74, West Virginia 67
You know I didn't want to pick the inconsistent team in Arizona but they are loaded with talent.....how can they not win some games? That's the question of their season.
2 Duke vs. 15 Belmont
Duke should win going away but Belmont does have some tournament experience.

Player to Watch:Greg Paulus
Man has this kid grown up. He's probably the player Coach K dreamed of when he came to Duke, and Paulus now seems to shine brightest in the biggest games. Those games are probably down the road for Duke but here I'm sure he will light up Belmont for at least a few deep triples.

Key to the Game: Limiting down Duke's threes.
We all know this guard oriented Blue Devil teams focuses on threes. If Belmont can get a hand in the face of Duke's shooters then they may be able to stick around for a little while at least. Plus Duke has no inside presence, Belmont needs to get rebounds in bunches.

The Pick: Duke 86 Belmont 68
Duke is just too talented, and they move on to the second round.
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South Region First Round Preview

South Region First Round Preview:

1 Memphis vs. 16 Texas-Arlington
The Tigers will run, run, and run and will outdo Texas Arlington here. This one shouldn't be close.

Player to Watch: Chris Douglas Roberts
Douglas-Roberts is one of the best players in the country. He can score, dish, rebound....basically do anything Memphis needs him to do to get a victory.

Key to the Game: Can Texas-Arlington slow down the Tigers?
Probably not considering no one has done it all season. UT-Arlington has to try though and the first way to slow down Memphis is cause mistakes by ultra talented freshman Derek Rose.

The Pick: Memphis 96, Texas Arlington 65
Memphis just scores way too much for any team to compete with them for long.

8 Mississippi State vs. 9 Oregon
Both are fresh off quick exits in their conference tournaments. The winner hopes to give Memphis all they want and more in round two.

Player to Watch: Tajuan Porter
Oregon has not been as good as everyone thought that they would be this season. A lot of that has to do with Tajuan Porter, their leader who is back after last season's Elite Eight appearance. He can score in bunches and if he does look out.

Key to the Game: Which Oregon team shows up?
The Ducks have had inconsistency problems. At times they can play with anybody and at other times you have to question if they deserve to be in this tournament at all.  Mississippi State is also inconsistent but not as bad as Oregon.

The Pick: Oregon 65, Mississippi State 61
The Ducks win because Porter and Hairston play well and make some threes. MSU sticks around but can't make enough plays to get the win.

5 Michigan State vs. 12 Temple
This is a dangerous 5/12 game for the Spartans. Every year we see at least one or two 5s go down to 12s in the first round.

Player to Watch: Drew Neitzel
I love Neitzel's ability to shoot and make plays. If he can do that against Temple then the Owls probably won't win.

Key to the Game: Slowing down Neitzel
When Neitzel starts hitting shots it is hard to slow him down. This season he wants to take his team to the Final Four and he has the talent to do it. Temple better get a hand in his face.

The Pick: Michigan State 65, Temple 57
Michigan State is just more talented and they find a way to beat red hot Temple.

4 Pittsburgh vs 13 Oral Roberts
Pittsburgh is finally healthy and all of a sudden they are one of the hottest teams in the country.

Player to Watch: Levance Fields
Fields can make plays. He can shoot, drive, and dish if needed. He's one of those guys you can rely on to do anything and with all their injuries this season the Panthers have done just that. He has answered every challenge.

Key to the Game: Oral Roberts sticking around
Can ORU stick around until the final minutes with the score close? If they can then we might be in for a 13 over a 4 upset. We all know Oral Roberts has a lot of talent so this is conceivable.

The Pick: Pittsburgh 75, Oral Roberts 65
Pittsburgh is just too red hot to be stopped right now and finally healthy, boy the Panthers are going to be a tough out.

6 Marquette  vs. 11 Kentucky
Can Kentucky keep the amazing comeback from the dead going by beating a very good Marquette team here?

Player to Watch: Ramel Bradley
Bradley has been the force behind Kentucky's amazing recovery this season. If he plays well and limits his turnovers then Kentucky can win this game.

Key to the Game: Can Kentucky rebound well enough without Patrick Patterson?
With Patrick Patterson out Kentucky will rely on guards to rebound well. That means you Joe Crawford. Crawford has long arms and UK will need him to take advantage of them to win this one.

The Pick: Kentucky 77, Marquette 75
Dominic James plays well but Kentucky is just playing better right now. The Wildcats advance and take on the Stanford/Cornell winner.

3 Stanford vs. 14 Cornell
The Lopez brothers will be hard to stop but Cornell is very very tough from the Ivy League.

Player to Watch: Brook Lopez
Brook can do it all.  He averages 19 ppg and 8 rpg. If he rebounds well and holds Cornell to one shot per possession consistently then Stanford will in the ballgame.

Key to the Game: Cornell offensive rebounding
Nobody on Cornell rebounds very well statistically but the Big Red better find someone to battle the Lopez brothers down low if they want to have a shot here.

The Pick: Stanford 77, Cornell 69
The Lopez brothers are like mountains down low. If they rebound well then Cornell will have a long night.

7 Miami (FL) vs. 10 St. Mary's
This should be another brilliant game of the first round. Both of teams can win some games in this tournament

Player to Watch: Jack McClinton
McClinton shoots 43% from the three point line and leads the Hurricanes by averaging 17 ppg. If he comes out firing on all cylinders then the Canes will be hard to slow down.

Key to the Game: St. Mary's trying to slow down Miami
McClinton can score quickly when he gets shots and that's evident by some of his best games this season. He's even scored 34 points once so Saint Mary's better be careful.

The Pick: Miami 81, St. Mary's 72
Miami has been the inconsistent team of these two. St. Mary's has played well all season, yet I still can't pick the Gaels. Miami should win based off of talent but expect a great game.

2 Texas vs. 15 Austin Peay
The Longhorns are playing as well as anybody right now, and after losing to Kansas they know what it takes to beat the nation's best teams.

Player to Watch:D. J. Augustine
No Kevin Durant? No problem for Texas. Augustine has become a huge talent and has led this Texas team all season. I

Key to the Game: Texas up tempo style
In all likelihood Austin Peay can't slow them down but if they can limit their shot attempts then you never know what might happen. Texas probably is just too talented.

The Pick: Texas 89, Austin Peay 77
The Longhorns show their strength but Austin Peay does stick around until the closing minutes.
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Midwest Region First Round Preview

Midwest Region First Round Preview:

1 Kansas vs. 16 Portland State
Kansas should roll here but you never know....doesn't a 16 have to beat a 1 eventually? Probably not this season.

Player to Watch: Brandon Rush
Rush can hit the three and he can pass and rebound. He showed against Texas in the closing minutes that he can lead Kansas all the way to a Final Four.

Key to the Game: Can Portland State stay close from timeout to timeout?
Portland State will have to withstand a huge Kansas run. If they can stay within single digits with four minutes left then they have a chance to win. If that's possible then maybe, just maybe, it can happen.

The Pick: Kansas 98, Portland State 73
Kansas scores quick and they score a lot, dominating Portland State and rolling to an easy first round victory.

8 UNLV vs. 9 Kent State
This will be one of the best games on opening weekend. The winner gets Kansas in the second round.

Player to Watch: Mike Scott
Scott averages 13 ppg and 6 rpg and is one of Kent State's best players. He also shoots 49% from the field and 39% from the three point line. If he can be shoot well then KSU has a great shot to win.

Key to the Game: Who wants it more?
We know that both these teams are pretty good teams that do not get the credit they deserve because they play in the Mountain West and MAC. The winner will get some attention because they will have to play Kansas in round two.

The Pick: Kent State 68, UNLV 64
Kent State wins this one because of Scott, Singletary, and Fisher plus decent production from their bench. UNLV stays close because of Wink Adams ability to score.

5 Clemson vs. 12 Villanova
This will be one of the best games of the weekend. Villanova is a 12 seed but they can play with anybody.

Player to Watch: Scottie Reynolds
Reynolds averages 15 ppg and shoots 41% from the field. If Villanova wants to have an chance against a Clemson team that can run up and down the floor and can shoot then he better play well.

Key to the Game: Turnovers: Which team turns the ball over the least?
If Nova can keep the already mentioned Reynolds from getting ahead of himself and turning the ball over then they can stay in the game. It's the same case with Clemson, because turnovers will be very important.

The Pick: Clemson 71, Villanova 70
I wanted to pick Villanova and I almost did but I changed my pick. Cliff Hammonds and K. C. Reynolds will be too much for Nova at the end.

4 Vanderbilt vs 13 Siena
Siena is very talented but so is Vanderbilt....but there is cause for worry Commdore fans. Vandy has not been playing well of late.

Player to Watch: Shan Foster
Foster can score all day because he is one of the best pure shooters in the country. If he can score outside then A. J. Ogilvy will have success inside.

Key to the Game: Siena's three double digit scorers
Siena has Edwin Ubiles (17.3 ppg), Kenny Hasbrouck (15.6 ppg), and Alex Franklin (15.2). Those three will all have to score their average but more importantly they will have to play well on both ends of the floor. Defense is key.

The Pick: Vanderbilt 68, Siena 59
A great game but Vandy is just too much at the very end, beating Siena due to Ogily's double double.

6 USC vs. 11 Kansas State
Mayo vs. Beasley....what else is there to say here? Wow.

Player to Watch: O. J. Mayo & Michael Beasley
Let's be honest this game is all about the Freshman. If Mayo and Beasley both play well then this will be a classic for years to come....as the two future NBA players battle it out all night.

Key to the Game: Which Freshman has the better night?
Mayo or Beasley? Beasley has all the double doubles but doesn't have the passing skills of Mayo. Can Mayo outscore Kansas State's big man?

The Pick: USC 68, Kansas State 63
This will easily be one of the best games of the first round. The winner moves on and gets the Wisconsin/ Cal State Fullerton winner. Wisconsin doesn't want to see either of these teams.

3 Wisconsin vs. 14 Cal State Fullerton
The Badgers play "team" ball as well as anyone in this tournament. Cal State Fullerton will be a tough out though.

Player to Watch: Brian Butch
The Badgers big man can do it all, score and rebound. He can even shoot the three ball, although he only shoots 30% from there. If he can control the boards then Wisconsin should win by slowing the game down.

Key to the Game: Can Fullerton have runs to counter Wisconsin's defense?
The Badgers play pretty good defense and Cal State Fullerton will have to play well on the offensive side of the ball and shoot well (especially from the three point line) to have any chance of pulling the upset.

The Pick: Wisconsin 59, Cal State Fullerton 48
Wisconsin's slow play allows them to limit Cal State Fullerton's scoring and their rebounding limits them to one shot.

7 Gonzaga vs. 10 Davidson
In my opinion the best game of the entire first round. This will be a tight game the entire way.

Player to Watch: Stephen Curry
Curry is probably the best player in the country you've never heard of (and most big college basketball fans know who he is based off of last season's performance in the NCAA Tournament). He shoots 44% from three point land and averages 25 points per game.

Key to the Game: Gonzaga's ability to slow down Stephen Curry
Curry will likely score no matter what the Zags do but if they can limit his touches by rebounding well and get a hand in his face to lower his percentage then maybe they can lead the game when it counts...when the final buzzer sounds.

The Pick: Davidson 72, Gonzaga 61
Davidson is the best team that wasn't ranked all season. They played some of the best teams in the country close in the non conference and they will show how good they are by winning here. Bring on Georgetown!

2 Georgetown vs. 15 UMBC
The Hoyas want to take care of business here in Raleigh so that they can eventually get to Detroit.

Player to Watch:Jonathan Wallace
Wallace rarely takes a bad shot and can shoot well. Most people think Georgetown relies on Roy Hibbert but the truth is that Wallace is who runs the show for the Hoyas.

Key to the Game: UMBC making runs and forcing Georgetown to play a faster tempo
Georgetown wants to slow things down and just take good shots. If UMBC can speed things up and get Georgetown a little uncomfortable then you never know what can happen.

The Pick: Georgetown 59, UMBC 43
The Hoyas slow the game down and rely on Hibbert, Wallace, Sapp and others to make open shots.
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East Region 1st Round Preview

East Region First Round Preview:

1 North Carolina vs. 16 Coppin State/ Mt St. Marys
Shouldn't be too much trouble for North Carolina here....but I will post more on this matchup after the play in game.

8 Indiana vs. 9 Arkansas
Want to know how down the Big Ten and SEC are this season? The seedings for these two teams say it all.

Player to Watch: Eric Gordon
Gordon has been one of the best Freshman all season but he will have to play smart meaning no turnovers and taking good shots if he wants to keep playing past the first round.

Key to the Game: Which teams shows up for both teams?
Both teams have been very inconsistent all season. Indiana has been up and down and their loss to Minnesota in the Big Ten tournament cost them a few seeds and will force them into playing a tough team like the Razorbacks in the first round. As for Arkansas they've also been up and down, going through stretches where they can't beat anyone and then going through stretches that help them reach the SEC title game.

The Pick: Indiana 76, Arkansas 70
In one of the best games of the first round the Hoosiers find a way to beat the Razorbacks. The pick is mainly because Indiana is just the better team.

5 Notre Dame vs. 12 George Mason
How about this one? Last year ND lost to Winthrop in the first round and now they get GMU, another potential Cinderella.

Player to Watch: Luke Harangody
Harangody is one of the best players in the country. He can shoot, he can rebound, and recently we even found out he can shoot the three pointer. If George Mason wants to have any chance they better box him out and rebound.

Key to the Game: Harangody's ability to find open shots
If Luke Harangody can successfully hit shots from the free throw line and in the paint then GMU will be forced to double him, opening up Notre Dame's shooters. George Mason has to slow down Luke if they hope to have a chance to win.

The Pick: Notre Dame 78, George Mason 65
Harangody goes for 24 points but George Mason sticks around for a while but the Irish have one last run in them and pull away late.

4 Washington State vs 13 Winthrop
This is a tough game for the Cougars because Winthrop is a very very experienced team in the NCAA Tournament.

Player to Watch: Derek Lowe
Lowe shoots 40% from behind the three point line and 44% from the field. If he can get open and make shots then Winthrop is in big trouble.

Key to the Game: Winthrop's 3 point shooting
The Eagles have two pretty decent three point shooters in Michael Jenkins and Chris Gaynor. Both shoot around 40% from the three point line. If they want to win the game then hitting open shots if key.

The Pick: Winthrop 61, Washington State 59
I just believe Winthrop will pull the upset based off of experience. The Eagles play team ball and Washington State does not rebound well. Winthrop finds a way to win it late.

6 Oklahoma vs. 11 Saint Josephs
Saint Josephs is coming off of two wins over Xavier in the last week. Oklahoma just lost pretty bad to Texas, so this one should be interesting.

Player to Watch: Blake Griffin
Griffin is tough and with injuries to both legs he still continues to play. He is one of the toughest players in college basketball today. Griffin averages 15 points and 9.4 rebounds a game, so stopping him will be key for Saint Josephs.

Key to the Game: Rebounding: Can Saint Joes keep OU off the boards?
With Griffin as such a beast inside you'd have to like Oklahoma's chances...right? Don't be so quick to think that. Pat Calathes doesn't get the attention his brother Nick does but he averages 17.5 ppg and 7.5 rpg. If he plays well then Saint Joes has a great shot to win.

The Pick: Oklahoma 61, Saint Josephs 58
OU finds a way to win and it's mainly off of experience. I expect Pat Calathes to play well but I think Blake Griffin will play even better.

3 Louisville vs. 14 Boise State
The Cardinals have played well the last few weeks while Boise State had to take three overtimes to get into the field.

Player to Watch: Terrence Williams
Williams averages 11 ppg, 7.3 rpg. and 4.5 apg. If he has a game like that then Louisville will probably win. He is one of the best all around players in the Big East.

Key to the Game: Rebounding: Will Clark and Padgett control the boards?
David Padgett, Will Clark, and Terrence Williams are all very good rebounders for Louisville. Reggie Larry and Matt Nelson are also very good rebounds for Boise State. Which team will win out on the boards?

The Pick: Louisville 77, Boise State 63
The Cardinals are just overall too talented to lose to Boise State although I mean no disrespect to the Broncos because they are capable of beating Louisville. My point is that Louisville shouldn't lose.

7 Butler vs. 10 South Alabama
The Bulldogs are in a tough game here. They get stuck with a 7 seed and then they have to play South Alabama in Birmingham.

Player to Watch: A. J. Graves
Graves can do it all. He's one of the best overall players in the country. He is well rounded and can shoot lights out if given the opportunity.

Key to the Game: Demetric Bennett's ability to score
Bennett shoots 49% from the field, 41% from the three point line, and 83% from the free throw line. If he can score like that against Butler then USA will show the world just how good they are.

The Pick: South Alabama 73, Butler 67
In Birmingham I just have a feeling South Alabama finds a way to win. The Jaguars have been disrespected all season and apparently so has Butler (I can't believe they are a 7).

2 Tennessee vs. 15 American
Tennessee didn't get the 1 seed they had hoped for but at least they get to play Birmingham for the first two rounds.

Player to Watch:Chris Lofton
Arguably the best shooter in the country. Lofton can light you up if he finds open shots and his shooting is key to Tennessee's offense because when he starts hitting it opens up the drives for Jujuan Smith and it also opens up Wayne Chism down low.

Key to the Game:Can American stop Tennessee's long runs?
Everyone knows the Volunteers like to run up and down the floor as fast as possible all day long. Can American limit their fastbreak opportunities and make them play a half court game? If they can then Tennessee probably won't go on long runs.

The Pick: Tennessee 92, American 77
American comes to play but Tennessee's style of play is just too much for the Patriot League winners.
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