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CBB Nightly: Your Nightly Hoops Fix

Tonight's 10 college basketball thoughts:

1) Remember when St. Louis only scored 20 points last year in a game? Well if they had played Illinois tonight (who lost by five despite only scoring 33 points) they would've only lost by 13. How about that? How does a potential NCAA Tournament top six seed lose while only scoring 33 points?

2) LSU stormed back to knock off Arkansas tonight. The Tigers are for real if there are any doubters left. They lead the SEC and have played well, despite the lack of national attention the entire conference is getting.

3) UNLV lost AGAIN on Wednesday, this time to Wyoming. Coming in the Cowboys had lost three straight games and were reeling faster than Luke Harangody on a bicycle with a Georgetown bumper sticker. The Rebels are now in big NCAA Tournament trouble. I had them in coming into tonight but that might change when my new bracket comes out.

4) Boise State knocked off Utah State on Saturday, ending the nation's longest winning streak. The Broncos lost by two against Idaho on Wednsday while the Aggies bounced back to destroy Cal State Bakersfield. This just proves how crazy this college basketball season has been (but aren't they all).

5) Northwestern lost three straight games in which they blew leads to Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan before ending their losing streak to Ohio State. Remember the Wildcats are STILL the only team in a BCS league that has never made the NCAA Tournament. If not for those three straight losses the Wildcats would probably be on the good side of the bubble right now.

6) Why does Tennessee keep getting a free pass? After their blowout loss to Ole Miss they've now lost 5 out of 11 and 3 of their last 7 games.  Do wins over Marquette, Florida, Georgetown, and Siena really mean you're a lock? No it doesn't, but for some reason people are giving the Volunteers a free pass into the tournament. Their computer numbers are good, and this is a very talented basketball team but they aren't playing well. Bruce Pearl needs to rally his guys before the home stretch begins.

7) Virginia Tech lost again tonight, blowing another chance to win a game before closing with a tough remaining ACC schedule. I don't see any give me wins in a schedule that includes Florida State (twice), Duke, North Carolina, and Clemson. Don't worry though VT fans, because Miami (FL) is not helping themselves out either. Another loss, this time to FSU, has the Hurricanes at 4-8 in the ACC and playing themselves out of a NCAA Tournament bid.

8) Other teams that missed big chances tonight (not including MIA) include Providence (who lost to Louisville), Notre Dame (who lost to West Virginia), and South Carolina (who lost to Mississippi State). UAB, Utah, and Georgetown are all bubble teams that stay won games they couldn't lose tonight.

9) My new bracketology will be out sometime tomorrow afternoon/tomorrow night. I am sorry it's not out tonight but there's just too much to change/factor in after tonight's lowly peformance by bubble teams.

10) I haven't mentioned this in a while because I figure people will get bored with it, but March Madness on Demand is really awesome. I have been told it's got some new features this year. Sign up here and be ready for when the NCAA Tournament starts (less than a month away). Also be thinking of excuses to get off work ahead of time!

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CBB Nightly: Wisconsin has a pulse


Tonight's 10 College Basketball Thoughts:

1) Did you really think Wisconsin was done? Really? No way. The Badgers are never out for the count, and tonight they showed that against Illinois. The Badgers still have a lot of work to do, but anyone that doesn't consider them as a bubble team at this point is smoking some crazy stuff. ESPN didn't have the Badgers listed on their bubble watch, which was released this afternoon. I know a 4-6 Big Ten record isn't impressive (by no means) but it does put a team like Wisconsin into consideration for an at large bid.

2) Does anyone other than me realize that Utah State has the most wins in college basketball after their win over New Mexico State on Thursday night? Don't get me wrong, I know that 22 wins while playing a weak OOC and the WAC confererence schedule is pale in comparison to--for instance--what a team like Oklahoma is doing in the Big 12. I know that, so don't leave a comment about it. All I'm saying is that Utah State is still winning basketball games, and that's something most teams can't do consistently regardless of their opponent.

3) Florida State's NCAA Tournament hopes almost took a huge blow tonight, but an encouraging thing happened that hasn't happened to past Seminoles teams. Tonight Florida State came together and rallied past Georgia Tech after trailing by six at halftime. Maybe the culture is changing in Tallahassee.

4) I know I gave Wisconsin the #1 spot tonight in the top 10 (which is meaningless) but to be honest the Badgers win wasn't even the most important win in the Big Ten on Thursday. Instead that honor would go to Michigan, who knocked off Penn State 71-51. The Nittany Lions had been red hot while Michigan has been reeling. Well forget that. Who knows why I went against my gut and picked the hot team to knock off the bubble team in TWO matchups like this tonight. Both went against me.

5) What seeding does Xavier deserve? At 20-2 and in clear control of the A-10 a top four seed is looking likely. Tomorrow I will have more in my bracketology, but it's very interesting to me that the Musketeers get absolutely ZERO national attention despite their great record. It's not like they play in the WAC like previously mentioned Utah State. Winning 20 games in the A-10 is not easy, regardless of the conferences overall strength.

6) Arizona refuses to die. After trailing at halftime at Oregon State the Wildcats made yet another second half comeback and won another Pac 10 game. This one was an unnoticed game tonight on the schedule but it was huge for Arizona. Be very very quiet about it (in the word's of Elmer Fudd) but Arizona is sneaking its way back towards the NCAAs.

7) In my last bracketology I got blasted for having California too high. This crazy conference we call the Pac 10 is now getting even craziesr. Washington is considered a "lock" by most bracketologists but the Huskies lost to California on Thursday night. The Golden Bears should be a top nine seed after the win that improves them to 17-6 overall on the season.

8) Gonzaga took over in the second half against Portland and showed their doubters--if there really is anyone stupid enough to doubt hte Zags at this point--that they are very much for real. Gonzaga is looking like a top five NCAA Tournament seed.

9) Tomorrow I am going to release my bracketology. That's bolded because it's important. A lot of people are waiting on it. The plan is to post it on OSF, link it here, and then post it here. It should be posted midday tomorrow.

10) The picks competition has been very fun so far. I wish everyone would join. Please keep up with your own points if possible. We have so many people involved in the competition that I'm not sure I can continue to do it. I am planning on posting the leaders points if possible.

My Picks:

Here's the Standings After Night 1:
Dantheman4250 POINTS: 80, RECORD: 13-2

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Thursday Night Picks: Hot teams vs. Bubble Teams

I'm not one to brag at all but even I must say that I went to bed smiling last night, right after watching Miami destroy Wake Forest & Missouri knock off Texas in Austin.

And it's not because I have any personal problem with Wake or Texas.

It's because in my first edition of nightly picks I picked both of these upsets to take place. Basically I actually looked like a genius, but I'm sure tonight I will screw that up with some crazy pick.

Tonight there are some interesting picks. Nobody truly thinks Wisconsin is done yet, but they play a red hot Illinois team. The same goes for red hot Penn State against struggling Michigan, where the Wolverines can't afford a loss. One of the most intriguing games to me is Gonzaga at Portland. The WCC Tournament is being played at Las Vegas, a neutral site, for the first time. A lot of people are wondering if Portland is this season's San Diego in the WCC.

Enough talking though, let's get to the picking.

Here's the rules:

  1. Make your picks and then rank each game in order from most confident to least confident. Tonight there are 10 games so the most confident game is worth 10 points and the least is worth 1. Remember you want to put the most points possible up on the game you are most confident about, that way you are more than likely to get the points.
  2. For every game you lose you must deduct those points. So if we had 5 games and I won my 5 pt and 3 pt games and lost my 4, 2, and 1 games I'd end the night with 1 point overall.

Here's the Standings After Night 1:
Dantheman4250 POINTS: 80, RECORD: 13-2
Beer POINTS: 80, RECORD: 11-4
Badgerboy1183 POINTS: 74, RECORD: 11-4
Fishstick POINTS 65, RECORD: 11-4
Skins Throwback POINTS: 60, RECORD: 11-4
BCEagles4 POINTS: 54, RECORD: 10-5
Huskyonspeed POINTS: 51, RECORD: 8-6
GTucker POINTS: 48, RECORD: 9-6
Gonzagafan62 POINTS: 18, RECORD: 8-7

Here's my Picks Tonight:
10-Florida State over Georgia Tech (@ FSU)
9-Gonzaga over Portland (@ PORT)
8-Xavier over Temple (@ XAV)
7-Arizona over Oregon State (@ OSU)
6-Penn State over Michigan (@ MICH)
5-Vanderbilt over Alabama (@ VAN)
4-Illinois over Wisconsin (@ WISC)
3-Stanford over Washington State (@ STAN)
2-San Diego over Santa Clara (@ SD)
1-Washington over California (@ CAL)

Everyone join. I made the picks so that you anyone could join at any time.

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