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CBB Nightly: Vaden Scoreless, Who woulda thunk it

1) Will someone please arrest the imposter that played as UAB's Robert Vaden on Thursday night? In one of the most mysterious identity thefts of all-time the Blazers leading scorer was nowhere to be found tonight at Bartow Arena in Birmingham. All that was left was an imposter that wore Vaden's well known #24 jersey and happened to look like Vaden's twin. The problem was that the unnamed imposter couldn't shoot worth a flip. Vaden's imposter went an incredible 0 for 17 from the field and left Memphis with a 55 game winning streak in conference play at the end of the night. John Calipari was reportedly already claiming he had nothing to do with Vaden's disappearance, although he said he didn't mind UAB's best player taking the night off.

Once again, Im kidding but it's got to be awful for Vaden, a senior playing his final big home game to go 0-fer from the field. Out of the 356 three pointers he's made in his career not one of them came tonight.

2) Cincinnati has decided to join the "bubble teams who want in the NCAA Tournament chase" list alongside Virginia Tech, Providence, and BYU. We are still waiting for other teams to actually show they want in, but at least the Bearcats improved their resume by knocking off West Virginia.

3) Speaking of teams apparently wanting to play themselves into the field, how about Michigan? This was my good prediction of the night (UAB was the bad). The Wolverines win over Purdue probably pushes them onto the good side of the bubble for now.

4) Minnesota has appeared to be locked into the field for quite a while now, but that is not so. The Golden Gophers lost again tonight to Illinois, leaving them just 8-8 in conference play. Games against Wisconsin & Michigan remain. Incredibly those two games will be must wins for all three teams.

5) Arizona is the most inconsistent team in the country. The Wildcats knock off top teams and lose to teams they shouldn't, For example they lost to Washington State tonight. The loss pushes Arizona back onto the fence for the NCAA Tournament.

6) Washington knocked off Arizona State in overtime. The win for Washington keeps their chances of a potential top four seed alive. Look out for this team in March. Right now the Huskies aren't getting any attention, but they should be.

7) USC joins fellow Pac 10 bubbler Arizona tonight with yet another loss. The Trojans fell to California (who is moving towards locking up their bid). 

8) UCLA survived a great battle from Stanford. The Cardinal have now lost 11 of 16 games since starting the season 11-0. Meanwhile the Bruins are staying in the mix for a top five seed.

9) Forgive me for any mistakes I'm making in this blog. I am extremely tired and trying to make it through it. Tongue out

10) Don't forget to check out March Madness on Demand ! I can't wait to see the new look!


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CBB Nightly: 10 Thoughts & Providence's Shocker

1. Providence, 81, #1 Pittsburgh 73: If you saw this coming please raise your hand. Actually stand up, raise both hands, do the macarena, turn yourself around, and take a huge bow. And then go buy yourself something really nice, because you are either the luckiest gambler on earth, a descendent of the great Nostradamus, or you thought Providence was the "p" team with 1 beside its name.

In all seriousness what about what the Friars just did? Not only did they go from afterthought to potential at large berth winnner, but they also shook up the entire national championship picture. Maybe this is what it takes to beat the Panthers. A few hot shooters, a frustrated Dejuan Blair, and an ecstatic crowd. A lot of teams are throwing that formula together right now, and it probably won't work the majority of the time against one of the nation's most phyically gifted teams. Tonight it did though, and for Providence that's all that matters.

Is Providence in my field right now? I honestly can't say for sure since I haven't created my new field after tonight's games just yet, but I do think they are. And I know whar your thinking. Wait a minute Dan this team is 17-11 overall and you are putting them in the NCAA Tournament? Look closer. The Friars now have wins over #1 ranked Pittsburgh, Syracuse, and they swept Cincinnati. That pushes them above the Bearcats in the pecking order and puts them above Georgetown & Notre Dame at this point.

2. LSU is one of the most athletic teams in the country. Laugh when you see the Tigers in your team's bracket on Selection Sunday but be warned. This team is a matchup nightmare. They have the length of Tayshaun Prince everywhere and a player that can absolutely take over any game in a split second, Marcus Thornton.

3. Florida's loss pushes them farther towards the NCAA Tournament bubble. I keep asking for heart from bubble teams and aside from Providence, Maryland, and Arizona I've been let down. The Gators are probably still in at this juncture, but fourth best in the SEC East may not be good enough on Selection Sunday. You are reading it here first, so remember I said this. Do not be surprised if Florida makes a run over the next few games, including a deep SEC Tournament run. Billy Donovan has got the youngesters buying into his system and slowly but surely it will churn out some results.

4. Boston College looks safer and safer as every day goes by. The Eagles now have wins over North Carolina, Duke, and Florida State in ACC play, which should be more than enough to get them into the field barring a collapse. At this point I don't see how anyone can keep them out.

5. BYU put together a tremendous second half comeback against hungry San Diego State. For the Cougars it means the line for dance tickets is getting shorter. The Aztecs are about to get a "sold out" sign unless they do something spectacular or win the Mountain West Tournament.

6. Everybody seems to keep sleeping on Creighton, but don't be surprised if the Blue Jays sneak into the at large field ever so quietly on Selection Sunday if they lose in the Missouri Valley Tournament.  The Blue Jays win over Missouri State pushed their overall record to an impressive 24-6.

7. The Texas A&M-Nebraska finish was the best of the night. Josh Carter hit a three at the buzzer to win the game for the Aggies, and keep alive their slim at large hopes in the process. Texas A&M is now 6-7 in conference play but still in need of big wins.

8. Baylor's hopes of reaching back to back NCAA Tournaments now relies on the Big 12 Tournament. Losing to Iowa State is unacceptable, especially when you barely have a pulse as it is.

9. I can't really say I've done my job unless I mention Ohio State's win over Penn State in tonight's first round of games. The Buckeyes jumped out to a quick lead before allowing the Nittany Lions to come back. Eventually Ohio State pulled away, enlarged its at large chances, and damaged Penn State's NCAA Tournament hopes all in one package.

10. One more thing I don't want to forget to mention is conference tournaments. On March 3rd the Big South & Ohio Valley tournaments start, so stay tuned for coverage of those on this blog. Radford will more than likely be the #1 seed in the Big South while the Ohio Valley race is still up in the air.

March Madness on Demand : This is one of the really cool features CBS has for us college basketball lovers during the NCAA Tournament. This season there are new features including High Quality live streaming video of the entire NCAA Tournament. I have used it in the past and I cannot wait to do so this year. Click the link and sign up!


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CBB Nightly: Ten Thoughts from Saturday

10 Thoughts From Saturday:

1) I'm tired of harping on this but I feel as if nobody is listening to me. Tennessee has been given the benefit of the doubt all season long. After their second loss to Kentucky on Saturday I think it's about time any recognition we were giving the Volunteers should be ended. At this point Tennessee is only the FOURTH best team in the SEC East and is struggling to win games against the easiest conference foes (Auburn, Mississippi). Joe Lunardi is one of big backers of Tennessee, keeping them as at least a 7 seed all season no matter how many losses they received. It will  be interesting to see where Lunardi has the Vols after another loss.

2) I began my "pre-Saturday thoughts blog" with a statement about bubble teams needing to show they really want to go to the NCAA Tournament. Maryland answered that call by knocking off North Carolina by coming from 16 down in the second half. The Tar Heels, as I've stated countless times, are the nation's best team in my opinion. Therefore beating North Carolina opens by eyes. Keep in mind that this is the same Maryland team that has lost to Clemson by 29, Duke by 41, Georgetown by 27, and Gonzaga by 22. That shows how crazy this world of college basketball is.

3) Blake Griffin left Saturday night's game with rival Texas just thirteen minutes into the game, leaving the Longhorns with the perfect oppurtunity to snatch a big win.  Beating Oklahoma without Griffin makes the win look less important on paper but it saved Texas' season. Griffin showed his important to the Sooners in this one, who lost their second game this year.

4) Bracketbuster Saturday taught us quite a few things. First of all Stephen Curry has struggled in big games this season (check my previous blog), probably due to the defensive attention focused on him and the lack of a secondary scorer. Saint Marys knocked off Utah State, another team that will likely need to win its conference tournament to get a NCAA Tournament bid. The Gaels may not be done with at large berth contention just yet, especially if Patty Mills comes back healthy. Creighton keeps winning its way towards a potential at large berth as well.

5) Virginia Tech has officially done everything possible to play itself out of a NCAA Tournament bid. On Saturday the Hokies lost their third straight ACC game, this one to ACC. Miami (FL) finally got a big win by knocking off Boston College. I think the Hurricanes can safely say they are back in serious discussion for an at large bid.

6) Everyone has been writing off UNLV & New Mexico but both won big games on Saturday. The Rebels knocked off BYU while the Lobos dominated San Diego State.

7) LSU keeps winning and dominating the SEC West. I've already harped on Tennessee's resume (see #1) but I think it's about time to recognize the Tigers a little bit more. Their SOS is absolutely terrible but wins are wins and at this point LSU is looking like the SEC's best team. Before the season I had them in my preseason bracketology and was laughed at on a LSU message board by a couple of fans that said it was ridiculous to think that their basketball team would even be decent this year. Guess who got the last laugh?

8) Congratulations to Oregon, which won its first Pac 10 game on Saturday by beating Stanford. Two other things stick out in the Pac 10 after Saturday. UCLA continues to struggle after losing to Washington State and Oregon State has now won seven conference games after going winless in Pac 10 play last season.

9) My new bracketology will be out either tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow night. I apologize for not getting it out after today's games but there's a lot of changes to be made.

10) A few other winners that deserve getting a shout out: Washington, Florida, Siena, and Gonzaga.

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CBB Nightly: Meeks Saves UK's Season

Ten Thoughts from tonight in college hoops:

1) Kentucky's comeback win against Florida saved their season. Jodie Meeks made three of the most clutch shots possible, including a three with less than five seconds remaning to close the game out. Congatulations to Kentucky on their big win.

2) Billy Gillespie wasn't exactly the friendliest person in the world when doing his halftime interview about a game tied 30-30. He seemed irritated and I'm not sure it was just at his team. His annoyed type voice kind of surprised me. Come on Billy you are better than that. Represent your school better than that.

3) Walter Hodge's ejection in that SAME Florida-Kentucky game was an awful call. Hodge has been playing for Florida for almost four full seasons and at this point he's played more games than most college graduates have played considering he was a member of two national championship runs. If he wanted to step on someone's arm he would've done it before now. If you haven't seen the call look it up on Youtube and then explain to me why he was ejected.

4) Michigan State's win over Michigan pretty much cements a 2 or 3 seed for the Spartans. I don't see how they are any lower than that. Right now I have them as a 3 seed but it's mainly only due to the strength of the 2 seeds.

5) Remember when Texas was in the midst of its long losing streak? Well it just ended with a loud THUD. The thud noise is the sound of Oklahoma State being smacked directly in the face. How about that 25 point beatdown in Austin?

6) Clemson's seed is one of the toughest things to figure out when doing bracketology. I currently have the Tigers as a 4 seed but that's even debatable at this point. Should it be higher? Perharps.

7) It's good to see UNLV get back on the right track with a win over TCU. The Mountain West preseason favorites have had some unforseen struggles up to this point.

8) Villanova is one of the nation's hottest teams right now. I would even go out on a limb and say that a 1 seed isn't completely out of the question for Nova just yet, although that would probably require winning out or only losing one or two games the rest of the way. The Wildcats are playing as well as anyone in the entire country and right now I have them as a 3 seed.

9) Michigan's loss gave Cincinnati a chance to slip in my field, so they are tonight's team that gets love although they didn't even play tonight. Next in line for an at large bid is Kansas State.

10) I've referred to it a lot throughout this post but haven't posted a link yet, so here's the link to tonight's bracketology . Pretty soon I hope to have it posted on CBS.

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CBB Nightly: A CRAZY day in CBB

1) Remember when everyone was talking bad about Memphis? Well forget about it. The Tigers are obviously a top 12 team after going into Spokane and knocking off Gonzaga. The Tigers won't challenge for a 1 seed like they did last season, but I would not be surprised if they finish with a 2 seed. The Zags are now looking like a 4-6 seed instead of a top 3 seed. They've missed out on most of their big chances for victories this season, and it will bite them when the selection committee evaluates their profile.

2) This was a very bad day for teams hoping to go undefeated in conference play and earn a high seed in a one bid league. For example, both Siena and Davidson lost today. Both had it coming since they have dominated the MAAC & Socon the last couple of seasons. Both teams are probably going to get double digit seeds, although I can still see Davidson in a 8-9 game in round one. The Saints really wanted to run the table in conference play and finish with a top 25 RPI. Utah State is still hoping to run the table in the WAC. After a win today the Aggies are 23-1 overall.

3) What has happened to Georgetown? The Hoyas are the only team to knock off #1 ranked Connecticut this season, but they keep losing to teams they shouldn't.  Georgetown should be a top 25 team but instead they probably won't even make the NCAA Tournament.  The computer numbers help a lot but a 4-7 conference record will NOT get it done.

4) And how about Notre Dame? What in the world is going on the with the Irish? UCLA is the newest team to hammer Notre Dame, handing them their seventh consecutive loss. I hate to do it because Notre Dame is a very talented team, but I am one more consecutive loss from officially eliminating Notre Dame from at large consideration. Why haven't I already? Mainly because in the Big East there are chances in almost every game to add a huge win to a NCAA Tournament resume.

5) Other teams keep falling (like Syracuse) but Villanova keeps improving their seed in every ballgame. I expect the Wildcats to be a top 5 seed in every bracket released after Saturday, including mine. While everyone is talking about Connecticut, Pittsburgh, and the rest of the Big East's monster teams, Villanova is quietly moving towards a top 4 seed.

6) Tennessee is starting to move quickly towards bubble trouble. I was VERY surprised that ESPN's Joe Lunardi had the Volunteers as a 5 seed. Tennessee lost to Auburn on Saturday and fell to 14-9 on the season. How is this team a 5 seed? Forget computer numbers and look at Tennessee's raw profile. How far do wins over Marquette, Florida, and Siena really take you? I mean nine losses including losses to Auburn, LSU, Memphis, Temple, Kansas, Kentucky,  and Gonzaga (twice) does not look like a NCAA Tournament team to me. Are the Vols in if the season ended today? Yes, I believe they are, but as a five seed? No way. They wouldn't have been a 5 seed if they had WON on Saturday. I really think Tennessee looks like a 10-12 seed at this point, and the only reason they remain in is because they went out and played people OOC.

7) The wild, wacky Mountain West continues to startle me. UNLV lost at New Mexico on Saturday night, leaving me begging for answers from the craziest mid major conference since the Missouri Valley a few years back. Utah won, so the Utes are certainly still in the field. It seems like San Diego State is now in position to grab UNLV's spot. Stay tuned though, things change hourly in the college basketball world.

8) Texas is also going through the "Tennessee syndrome (see number 6 above). The Longhorns lost again on Saturday to fall to 15-7 overall and 4-4 in the Big 12.  I don't see how Texas is higher than a 7 seed at this point.  Before the loss to Nebraska today the Longhorns RPI had spiraled to 39. Nebraska actually has a better conference record than Texas at this point.

9) Remember how Kansas is rebuilding? Somebody forgot to actually tell the Jayhawks that. Kansas is 19-4 and 8-0 in Big 12 play. If that is rebuilding then the definition needs to be completely changed. Kansas is probably not going to win the national championship, because they are too young. Plus I believe their record is also a very realistic look at how weak the Big 12 is this year, but you cannot take away what Kansas is doing. This is incredible and it is being completely overlooked nationally. Kansas is my team that deserves love tonight.

10) I remember when Arizona looked dead in the water. Now they look very much alive at 16-8 overall and 6-5 in Pac 10 play. Their next three are USC, UCLA, and Arizona State. Wins in two of those three would likely get the Wildcats back on the good side of the bubble.

11) Does anyone want to talk about Providence now? A lot of people keep telling me that the Friars deserve an at large bid. In my opinion bubble teams don't lose by 27 to another bubble team. West Virginia dominated Providence on Saturday and pretty much locked themselves in (for now) with Georgetown & Notre Dame falling out of contention.

12) Texas A&M is in my bracketology, but won't be in my next bracket. I had them too high and I knew it as soon as I released my bracket, although not one person said anything about it. Their loss at home to Kansas State proves that the Aggies are not NCAA Tournament material at this point, while the Wildcats certainly have something to prove. A visit to Lawrence comes on February 14th for Kansas State.

13) Connecticut will remain #1! The Huskies win over Michigan means we don't have to debate about who the number one team in the polls should be at this point.

14) I won't do this often but I do have to give myself a pat on the back for my preseason 'Missouri will make the NCAA Tournament' pick. Nobody and I mean nobody had the Tigers in the field, but I had faith in Mike Anderson. At 20-4 overall I think it's safe to say that Missouri is going dancing.

15) The ACC is getting ridiculous. Wake Forest lost by 27 to Miami, and Duke lost by 27 to Clemson on Wednesday night. On Saturday Miami lost to Duke by three (not surprising) and Clemson lost to Florida State. All I know at this point is that North Carolina is the best team in the ACC, and in my opinion the best team in the country.

16) Xavier's loss to Duquense isn't really surprising since winning in the A-10 isn't as easy as the Musketeers make it look, but it didn't help Xavier's seeding any. At this point a top five seed is still looking good, but it's still tough to swallow a conference loss when you're a team that just doesn't lose in conference play. It will be interesting to see how they rebound.

17) I called Ohio State's win over Minnesota, so I'm not surprised about the Buckeyes 'upset' win. Ohio State now appears to be a top 7 seed (at least) after wins over Purdue & Minnesota in the exact same week. The Gophers are quickly sliding down into the danger zone. The Gophers have lost four of their last six games overall.

18) Jerry Palm had Northwestern in his "Projecting the Field", and I couldn't argue with him. The Wildcats have been playing well. But the last time I checked NCAA Tournament teams don't lose to Iowa, especailly since the Hawkeyes just lost to Indiana. You know Indiana, the laughingstock of the Big Ten this season? No offense Hoosier fans, because IU is going to be back SOON, but a loss to Indiana this year is ridiculous. And losing to a team that just lost to Indiana is even more ridiculous. Northwestern is not going to the NCAA Tournament unless they string together a bunch of wins.

19) I have two teams for you to keep an eye on for at large berths. UAB, 16-8 (6-3), and Mississippi State, 16-7 (6-2). The Blazers and Bulldogs are quietly moving into at large consideration.

20) Cincinnati is now a team to watch out for as well. I decided to give the Bearcats their own number after watching them knock off Notre Dame AND Georgetown this week.

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CBB Nightly: Wisconsin has a pulse


Tonight's 10 College Basketball Thoughts:

1) Did you really think Wisconsin was done? Really? No way. The Badgers are never out for the count, and tonight they showed that against Illinois. The Badgers still have a lot of work to do, but anyone that doesn't consider them as a bubble team at this point is smoking some crazy stuff. ESPN didn't have the Badgers listed on their bubble watch, which was released this afternoon. I know a 4-6 Big Ten record isn't impressive (by no means) but it does put a team like Wisconsin into consideration for an at large bid.

2) Does anyone other than me realize that Utah State has the most wins in college basketball after their win over New Mexico State on Thursday night? Don't get me wrong, I know that 22 wins while playing a weak OOC and the WAC confererence schedule is pale in comparison to--for instance--what a team like Oklahoma is doing in the Big 12. I know that, so don't leave a comment about it. All I'm saying is that Utah State is still winning basketball games, and that's something most teams can't do consistently regardless of their opponent.

3) Florida State's NCAA Tournament hopes almost took a huge blow tonight, but an encouraging thing happened that hasn't happened to past Seminoles teams. Tonight Florida State came together and rallied past Georgia Tech after trailing by six at halftime. Maybe the culture is changing in Tallahassee.

4) I know I gave Wisconsin the #1 spot tonight in the top 10 (which is meaningless) but to be honest the Badgers win wasn't even the most important win in the Big Ten on Thursday. Instead that honor would go to Michigan, who knocked off Penn State 71-51. The Nittany Lions had been red hot while Michigan has been reeling. Well forget that. Who knows why I went against my gut and picked the hot team to knock off the bubble team in TWO matchups like this tonight. Both went against me.

5) What seeding does Xavier deserve? At 20-2 and in clear control of the A-10 a top four seed is looking likely. Tomorrow I will have more in my bracketology, but it's very interesting to me that the Musketeers get absolutely ZERO national attention despite their great record. It's not like they play in the WAC like previously mentioned Utah State. Winning 20 games in the A-10 is not easy, regardless of the conferences overall strength.

6) Arizona refuses to die. After trailing at halftime at Oregon State the Wildcats made yet another second half comeback and won another Pac 10 game. This one was an unnoticed game tonight on the schedule but it was huge for Arizona. Be very very quiet about it (in the word's of Elmer Fudd) but Arizona is sneaking its way back towards the NCAAs.

7) In my last bracketology I got blasted for having California too high. This crazy conference we call the Pac 10 is now getting even craziesr. Washington is considered a "lock" by most bracketologists but the Huskies lost to California on Thursday night. The Golden Bears should be a top nine seed after the win that improves them to 17-6 overall on the season.

8) Gonzaga took over in the second half against Portland and showed their doubters--if there really is anyone stupid enough to doubt hte Zags at this point--that they are very much for real. Gonzaga is looking like a top five NCAA Tournament seed.

9) Tomorrow I am going to release my bracketology. That's bolded because it's important. A lot of people are waiting on it. The plan is to post it on OSF, link it here, and then post it here. It should be posted midday tomorrow.

10) The picks competition has been very fun so far. I wish everyone would join. Please keep up with your own points if possible. We have so many people involved in the competition that I'm not sure I can continue to do it. I am planning on posting the leaders points if possible.

My Picks:

Here's the Standings After Night 1:
Dantheman4250 POINTS: 80, RECORD: 13-2

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CBB Nightly: Miami blows out Wake Forest

Tonight's 10 thoughts from the college basketball world:

1) I am one of the few people that can say that they actually picked Miami over Wake Forest tonight , but even I can admitt I didn't see a 27 point rout happening. Not one in favor of the Hurricanes anyways. This win puts Miami back in great shape to get into the NCAA Tournament while the Demon Deacons have went from a potential #1 seed to a shake #3 seed. I will have more in my bracketology tomorrow.

2) Notre Dame's slide continues. The Irish have now lost six straight games overall and have fallen to 3-7 in Big East play. The last time I checked a team that can't win more than 3 of its 10 conference games isn't going to the NCAA Tournament. Is Notre Dame done? I polled the users here on CBS , and I received a great response I want to share:

Besides an early season one-point victory over what now looks like a slightly overrated Texas team, Notre Dame's resume looks awful. Good losses but no signature wins besides Texas. I don't even think they were on the bubble before they lost tonight's game. It's not over though, they could still win the Big East tournament. They won't, but they could .-azcatsfan Great response AZcats. I agree, Notre Dame's profile is extremely weak at this point, but I wouldn't put winning the Big East Tournament in March past them. There's no doubt Notre Dame is very talented.

3) Did anybody get the license plate off the truck that ran slap over Duke tonight? Wow, what a performance by Clemson at home to cement themselves as one of the best teams in the country. If you had Clemson winning raise your hand. Nice pick guys. Now if you have Clemson winning by 27 raise your hand. That's what I thought. Nobody, and I mean nobody, saw this coming.

4) I think losing to Penn State at home rubbed Michigan State the wrong way on Sunday. Proof? They murdered Minnesota tonight 74-47 and once again proved to anyone still doubting the Spartans that they are the best team in the Big Ten.

5) Utah continues to prove they want in the Big Dance. The Utes win at TCU on Wednesday night sent a message to the rest of the Mountain West. With the win they are tied with San Diego State atop the standings, and next Wednesday they host the Aztecs. That will be a huge game for the conference standings and for NCAA Tournament purposes.

6) Oklahoma State stormed back from a 12 point halftime deficit to knock off Texas Tech. This is a game I wish I could've watched, and since it just ended I don't know how the game ended. All I know is that the Cowboys won 81-80 and that it kept their bubble hopes alive.

7) The other Oklahoma Big 12 school also had quite a game. The Sooners were tied with Texas A&M 69-69 with just over a minute to go. The Sooners dominated the final minute of the game and won 77-71. In case you are keeping score at home that puts Oklahoma at 22-1 on the season.

8) I have a feeling a lot of people have forgotten about Creighton. The Blue Jays are 18-6 and 8-4 in conference play. That's good enough for second in the Missouri Valley, a conference that is known for getting more than one NCAA Tournament bid a lot of the time. Creighton might sneak in the field.

9) Tennessee won a huge game tonight over Arksnsas 74-72 thanks to a game winning shot from Bobby Maze. The Volunteers were suppose to be the one national contender in the SEC this year, but even they have proven to have bad stretches more often than they should. Bruce Pearl's squad is now 14-7 overall and in good position for an at large bid.

10) I had two upset picks tonight ; Miami over Wake Forest & Missouri over Texas. I had a feeling both teams would get resume building wins tonight and they both did. The Tigers beat Texas thanks to Zaire Taylor's amazing three point play with 5.5 seconds left. Mike Anderson is one of the best coaches in college basketball that most casual fans have never heard about.

MAILBAG: I still need questions for the new mailbag, so please PM those to me.

PICKS: I started a picks competition tonight. I'm going to do it nightly so I'd love to have some more people involved. Here's the link to the first day of picks . Tomorrow's picks will be posted tomorrow around midday.

Dantheman4250 POINTS: 80, RECORD: 13-2
Beer POINTS: 80, RECORD: 11-4
Badgerboy1183 POINTS: 74, RECORD: 11-4
Fishstick POINTS 65, RECORD: 11-4
Skins Throwback POINTS: 60, RECORD: 11-4
BCEagles4 POINTS: 54, RECORD: 10-5
GTucker POINTS: 48, RECORD: 9-6
Gonzagafan62 POINTS: 18, RECORD: 8-7
*Please add these up yourself and PM me if your record/points are wrong. It's late and I'm exhausted. I did my best*

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CBB Nightly: FLA wins, UK loses, Downey shines

Ten Thoughts From Tuesday night:

1) What a night for SEC basketball. Actually let's think about that statement for a minute. SEC basketball. The league that everyone has laughed at all season was actually the talk of college basketball on this Tuesday, and has actually even been the talk of the college basketball world this entire week. First UK went down (more below) & then FLA-SC played another classic game.

2) Florida knocked off South Carolina despite Devan Downey's best efforts--33 points, 7 of 9 from 3 PT range--and moves to 19-4 on the season. In case you're wondering it's Downey, not Jodie Meeks, that is the SEC's best player this season. And yes I mean that. So get it right. If you think I'm wrong I want to know why, so make sure you post below if you disagree.

3) Florida is now the favorite in the SEC. The Gators are as inconsistent as any SEC school but they do have a big man that is getting better every game (Alex Tyus), a great player (Nick Calathes), a veteran with national championship game experience (Walter Hodge), and a young player coming into his own (Erving Walker).

4) Bob Knight to Georgia? I said yes , but Gary Parrish (a man I respect a great deal) said no. And he backed it up , very well.  To my post he said this:

Dan. It's an interesting thought. But let me ask you this: Why would being overshadowed by a football program limit a basketball program in any way? You know what basketball program is overshadowed by football? Florida. But it just won two titles. You know another one? Oklahoma. But it has the best player in the country and a No. 2 ranking. The days of having to pick between being good at football or basketball are over. Clemson doesn't do it. Michigan State doesn't do it. Neither does Texas. Or Kansas. Or Illinois. Or Tennessee. Or LSU. They're all good at both sports, and Georgia could be too, particularly with the Atlanta recruiting base sitting right there. To think otherwise is to be shortsighted. So if I'm Georgia, I'm hiring somebody who can recruit with Donovan, Pearl and Gillispie, and then hoping for the best. And though we can argue about who that guy might be, I think we can all agree that Bob Knight isn't the person who will ever recruit at that level, and that's why he's a terrible choice for this particular job.

We went back and forth a few times, and you can read it all on the comments section of Gary's blog by clicking here .

5) Did someone say Maryland had a chance to knock off North Carolina tonight? I'm not sure how many times I have to say it, but I will say it one more time. North Carolina is the most talented basketball team in the country. On most nights they are going to win every game, but that's why the NCAA Tournament is so unique. This isn't a Celtics-Lakers seven game series. Instead it's a race to six wins, where every time a team loses they are out for the count. You have to bring your best or go home, and you have to get the right matchups. North Carolina appears to be the team more equipped to do that this year. And yes, that includes me taking the losses of Marcus Ginyard AND Will Graves into consideration .

6) I'm actually going to make this a nightly thing from now on since I seem to find a new team each night. Tonight's Team Deserving Love: Kansas State. There you go. The Wildcats won tonight against lowly Iowa State to improve to 15-7 overall and 4-4 in Big 12 play.  Before tonight the Wildcats RPI was 80 and their SOS was 81. Those numbers will have to improve, but it is now safe to call them on the bubble.

7) Apparently Kentucky does NOT deserve to be in the NCAA Tournament after their third straight loss. That's what all you posters on CBS have said so far anyways. My bracketology will hopefully be out tomorrow, giving you guys my thoughts. Make sure you vote if you haven't already on Kentucky's NCAA Tournament status .

8) Just to let you guys know, DO NOT miss the blog tomorrow. I have a great midday question for everyone and I can't wait to get the results.

9) How about Northern Iowa? The Panthers just keep winning and representing the Missouri Valley well.  If you're wondering about an at large bid happening, well don't count on it. Right now NIU is 76 in the RPI and has the 124th toughest schedule.

10) A lot of things to throw out right here. First if you have any questions for the new mailbag make sure you PM me with them or email them to me. I did a mailbag this afternoon and got some great questions. Special thanks to Shueless Joe for the pictures. if you find anything cool college basketball related on the world wide web please feel free to shoot me the link. Everyone always wants to see/read stuff that is interesting about college hoops.

Thanks for all the support for the blog! Please post your comments below on anything you read above!

-Daniel Evans

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