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Posted on: April 8, 2008 1:19 pm
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Daily: 5 things we learned in sports on Monday

5 things we learned in sports on Monday:
1) Kansas is your national champion. Congratulations to the Jayhawks. Mario Chalmers' three tied the game and sent it into overtime in one of the best title games in recent memory.

2) Bill Self never has to called "the best coach that has not won a national championship" ever again. That title is the equivilant to being "the best player that has not won a major" in golf. More about that when I do my Masters preview.

3) Indiana's Eric Gordon is officially going to the NBA now after his news conference on Monday. Gordon is talented enough to play at the next level but based off his performance in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament I'm not sure if he is quite ready yet. I wish he would've stayed one more year.

4) David Garrard signed the richest deal in Jacksonville Jaguars history worth $60 million dollars for six years.

5) The Tampa Bay Lightning earned the top pick in the NHL Draft by winning the NHL Draft lottery on Monday night.


What to watch for on Tuesday:

1) Can the Tigers finally get their first win?

2) Tennesee-Stanford: Women's title game


A few Predictions for Tuesday:

1) Tigers win their first game of the year, beating the Red Sox

2) Tennessee, led by Candance Parker, wins the NCAA Women's title

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Daily: 5 things we learned in sports on Sunday

1) The Tigers are even worse than I thought. I really hate to keep harping on Detroit but I watched the worst parts of their 13-2 beatdown from Chicago (the later innings were the worst) and watched a team that many favored to win the World Series fall to 0-6. In case you are wondering only two teams that started the season 0-6 have ever made the playoffs; the 74 Pirates and the 95 Reds.

If you are Detroit then you just have to look at this as a losing streak you are getting out of the way early into the season. Last year they had streaks where they lost 4 of 5, 7 of 8, and 4 of 5 in separate parts of the season and still reached the ALCS. In 2006 when they reached the World Series they had streaks where they lost 7 of 9, 4 of 5, and 9 of 12. Maybe they need to break those seasons back out and realize that this is going to happen to every MLB team this season. Put it behind them and play ball.

2) Tennessee and Stanford will meet in the women's title game on Tuesday. Stanford upset Connecticut while the Volunteers survived LSU.

3) Carl Edwards is ready to win a championship this year. Not that he hasn't been in past seasons, but after taking his third trip to Victory Lane in seven weeks I think this is his best shot yet. He dominated the race at Texas by blowing everyone except for Jimmie Johnson away.

4) Lorena Ochoa is dominating the LPGA Tour (again). She won the Kraft Nabisco Championship by five shots on Sunday

5) Huge comeback win by the Mavericks on Sunday to beat the Suns 105-98. This might be the victory that puts them in the playoffs for good (not mathematically, but more than likely they will now be in).

What to Watch for on Monday:

1) Utah-New Orleans out West in the NBA....it should be a great one.

A few Predictions for Monday:

1) New Orleans beats Utah.

2) Detroit won't lose! (Mainly because the Tigers are off Monday but it's better than a loss).

3) Almost forgot (yeah, right).....Kansas over Memphis in the national championship game!
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Daily: 5 things we learned in sports on Saturday

5 things we learned in sports on Saturday:
1) North Carolina and UCLA are not the best teams in college basketball. Actually Kansas and Memphis are and they showed the world just how powerful they were in blowout wins over their counterparts on Saturday.

2) In what seems to be an everyday mention on the blog for now the Detroit Tigers have lost again and are now 0-5. The White Sox 5-3 win made sure that the Tigers would remain the only winless team in MLB.

3) Break out the Rays. Since removing the Devil out of their name they have won 75% of their games. Ok you caught me, I know they've only played four games. Still give some love to Tampa Bay, they have knocked off the Yankees on back to back nights and at 3-1 they are tied for the AL East lead.

4) Louisville's Earl Clark and Arizona's Jerryd Bayless have both decided to enter the NBA Draft. Not sure about where Clark will get drafted but a lot of NBA teams are looking at Bayless.

5) In the NBA the Celtics clinched homefield in the East and the Magic clinched the three seed.  The Nuggets lost despite Carmelo Anthony's 47 points and fell back into a tie for eighth in the West with Golden State.

What to Watch on Sunday:

1) NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Texas

Predictions for Sunday:
*Sorry I couldn't get these up on Saturday, but just in case you are wondering I would have picked BOTH North Carolina and UCLA. Not good.

1) Jeff Gordon gets Hendrick's first win of the year by winning at Texas.

2) Loreno Ochoa wins the LPGA's frist major of the year.
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Daily: 5 things we learned in sports on Friday

What we learned in sports on Friday:
1) The Tigers are 0-4. Uh oh Detroit. The Tigers are a favorite to win the AL and compete for the World Series title but they have struggled out the gate. On Saturday they play Chicago again, still searching for that elusive first win.

2) The Lakers have made the playoffs for the 55th season after knocking off the Dallas Mavericks 112-108 on Friday night. Lamar Odom scored a season high 31 points.

3) Also clinching playoff spots in the NBA on Friday night were the Hornets, Raptors, Wizards, and 76ers. One thing is for sure, in the west Toronto, Washington, and Philadelphia wouldn't have a chance at winning a playoff series.

4) The Royals won't go 162-0 after losing to the Twins. Anyone that expected an undefeated season must be crazy, but hey it was possible until they lost on Friday. Kansas City starting the season 3-0 was news to me.

5) Tyler Hansbrough won the player of the year award in college basketball. Drake's Keno Davis won the coach of the year award. In case you are wondering Michael Beasley finished second in the POY voting.
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Daily: 5 things we learned in sports on Thursday

5 things we learned in sports on Thursday:
1) Detroit is playing like the old Tigers three games into the regular season. The Tigers were swept by Kansas City in their season opening series and after the first few days of the season they are the only winless team in MLB. In the series they batted just .206 with 24 strikeouts. They were also outscored 13-5 in the series overall, including 8-1 in the last two games.

2) Ohio State beat Massachusetts to win the NIT title. After the 92-85 win Jamar Butler screamed, " "This is what happens when you put an NCAA tournament team in the NIT. Write that down and send that to the committee." Not sure about that but apparently they are the 66th best team in America so congratulations Ohio State.

3) The Bengals released wide receiver Chris Henry after his fifth arrest since 2005. Henry was in jail waiting arraignment when he was cut. Cincinnati finally did something that gets them going in the right direction. Finally!

4) Tennessee basketball player Candance Parker has been cleared to play in the women's Final Four against LSU on Saturday after dislocating her shoulder in their Elite Eight game.

5) I know I've already mentioned the Royals once in this article but it was mainly talking about the Tigers. Wow. The Royals are 3-0 and the only unbeaten team in baseball. I'd love to see KC play well throughout the season.

What to watch on Friday:
1) Can the Royals stay undefeated against the Twins?

Predictions for Friday:
1) Lakers beat the Mavericks, 108-97 and put Dallas back in playoff trouble.
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Posted on: April 3, 2008 12:21 am

Daily: 5 things we learned in sports on Wednesday

5 things we learned in sports on Wednesday:
1) There's no reason to be concerned yet but the Cubs and Tigers, two World Series favorites, are both 0-2 at this point. Chicago has lost two games to divisional rival Milwaukee and Detroit has lost to Kansas City, a team that nobody had high expectations for outside of the KC area (or even in the KC area). The high scoring offense of the Tigers has scored four points in two games so far. Also at 0-2 are the Phillies, who were held to one hit on Wednesday.

2) An update on yesterday's Pedro Martinez story. The Mets are going to be without their star pitcher for 4 to 6 weeks after a doctor's visit revealed a mild strain of his left hamstring.  Martinez can't seem to stay healthy anymore.

3) Gilbert Arenas made a surprise arrival for Washington on Wednesday. Agent Zero had not played in 66 games, his first game since having knee surgery in November. He waited until 5:30 left in the first quarter to appear. He scored 17 points in just 19 minutes on 5 of 9 shooting. I'm sure it won't be long before he is back to his old self again.

4) The Dallas Mavericks will probably be playoff bound. Talk about a huge win without your star player at full health. Dirk Nowitzki had 18 points but the Mavs were prepared to play without him and they played well with him, beating Golden State 111-86.

5) Memphis backup point guard Andre Allen did not make the trip to San Antonio for the Final Four with his teammates after being suspended for a violation of team rules. He averages 14.1 minutes per game.

What to watch on Thursday:

1) Will the Tigers (vs. KC) or the Cubs (vs. MIL) get swept?

Predictions for Thursday:

1) Both the Cubs and Tigers win.

2) A-Rod hits his second homerun of the season.
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Daily: 5 things we learned in sports on Tuesday

5 things we learned in sports on Tuesday
1) Pedro Martinez is hurt again, pulling his left hamstring in the fourth inning of a loss to the Florida Marlins. He will have a MRI on Wednesday in New York. How bad will this hurt the Mets? Only time will tell but the way Johan Santana is pitching at least New York doesn't have to rely on Martinez to be the "man" anymore.

2) The much anticipated Florida-Ohio State NIT title game will not happen. Ohio State took care of business against Ole Miss, but the Gators could not do the same against Massachusetts Perhaps this will teach the young Gators that they still have a lot of work to do and that their youth this season means absolutely nothing next season. They have to choose whether or not they want to grow up and be something, because sports analysts like myself may believe they will be better next season but we don't know that for sure.

3) Nobody wants San Antonio right now. The Spurs won their eighth straight game and remain behind only New Orleans (who also won) in the Western Conference standings. When the playoffs start the Spurs will be the team to beat.

4) Tennessee and Connecticut are headed back to the women's Final Four. Both won tough games, including Candace Parker playing through a separated shoulder for the Volunteers. Give some props to the Huskies as well, as they knocked off Big East rival Rutgers to advance.

5) This is for Cubs fans...Moises Alou said he wouldn't have caught the infamous "Steve Bartman" foul ball that many Chicago fans blame for losing to the Marlins in game six of the NLCS.

BONUS) Tom Crean is leaving Marquette to be the new head coach at Indiana.

What to Watch n Wednesday:

1) See if the Braves can get their first win of the young season against the Pirates.

2) Dallas-Golden State (NBA)......could help decide the final playoff spot out West.

A few predictions for Wednesday:

1) Golden State beats the Mavericks 121-111.

2) Behind A. J. Burnett the Blue Jays knock off the Yankees 7-3.
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Daily: 5 things we learned in sports on Monday

Five Things we learned on Monday:

1) Baseball is back!

2) The closers for the Brewers and Cubs (in this case Eric Gange and Kerry Wood) are terrible, or at least they were on this day. What a thriller at Wrigley. After Carlos Zambarno and Ben Sheets pitched brilliant for six innings these two came in and turned a pitcher's duel into an all out slugfest in the ninth inning. Both teams scored three runs apiece against them. Milwaukee won 4-3 in 10.

3) The Colts-Bears will open up the season on Sunday night football. ESPN’s Monday night football is a doubleheader (like always) with Packers-Vikings and Broncos-Raiders. The Giants are also playing the Redskins on Thursday night to actually open up the season. It appears the first weekend will be filled with some very good NFL football.

4) The Stanford Twins of Robin and Brook Lopez are going to the NBA. Robin decided to join his brother Brook on Monday.

5) Percy Harvin will miss the entire spring of football at Florida and might need surgery to repair a heel injury. Urban Meyer did say that if he does need the surgery it will not affect him one bit during the regular season.

What to watch on Tuesday:

1) Daz-K and the Red Sox take on the Athletics. I like Boston to take the second of three games in this series, mainly because I think Matsuzaka will pitch well.

2) Two huge NBA regular season games. Spurs-Warriors and Nuggets-Suns are both huge out West where every game matters for seeding.

A few predictions for Tuesday:

1) Denver beats Phoenix (NBA) in a very high scoring game.

2) Felix Hernandez pitches a gem against the Rangers (MLB).
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