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Dantheman's Bracketology: January 17th, 2013

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Here are the top 16 seeds from my latest S-curve rankings. The numbers are overall record, conference record, and RPI.

1 Seeds


2 Seeds
Indiana Hoosiers 14-2 2-1 13 
Syracuse Orange 16-1 4-0 11

3 Seeds 
Minnesota Golden Gophers 15-2 3-1 5 
FLORIDA GATORS 12-2 2-0 10
N. C. State Wolfpack 14-3 3-1 12
Michigan State Spartans 15-3 4-1 18

4 Seeds
9BUTLER BULLDOGS 15-2 3-0 15
Marquette Golden Eagles 13-3 4-0 17

My latest projection:

This projection includes the NIT and CBI field as well.

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Explaining the Bracket: January 30, 2012

Explaining the Bracket: January 30, 2012

Which team did I miss on? It may be Dayton

NOTE: The NCAA Tournament bracket can be found on, along with a Bubble Watch and S-Curve Rankings.

Here are five things that I think you might find interesting about my bracket:

1) Dayton probably should be in my NCAA Tournament field. The Flyers have a couple of terrible losses, but I think I can find it in my heart to forgive them based on their great wins. The Flyers lost to Buffalo by 29, Miami (OH) by 5, and were largely uncompetitive against Murray State. But wins against Alabama, Seton Hall, Ole Miss, Saint Louis, Temple, and Xavier make it easier to forgive those losses. The Flyers are the toughest team to figure out in my field at this point. Dayton has lost its last two games to Saint Joseph’s and Rhode Island (No. 263 in the RPI!) and that’s why I have them out, but a second look at their resume and a good debate by my buddy Blake Hofstad might have changed my mind. I guess you’ll have to wait for the next update to see if this mindset sticks.

2) Florida is the team moving up my bracket the fastest. After losses to Rutgers and Tennessee, I had the Gators on the 6 seed line. Now, Florida is a 3 and rising. If the Gators can knock off Kentucky in one of the rivals’ two remaining meetings, Florida has a good chance of matching last season’s No. 2 seed.

3) Call North Carolina and Duke co-No. 1 seeds if you want. Seriously, North Carolina fans. Don’t email me with hatred. If you guys take care of business against the Blue Devils, you’ll be a one seed. Until then, there’s no reason to even debate it. Now, if the two teams split, email me all you want. That goes for both fanbases.

4) The Big 12 doesn’t have a No. 1 seed, but it may have more national title contenders than any other conference. Kansas, Baylor, and Missouri all have a shot at a No. 1 seed before Selection Sunday too.

5) I want to make sure to note this, because I think I am going to get a lot of flak for a couple of my “lock” picks. Mississippi State is a good example. Locks are teams that I believe will be in the dance if they continue to win at their current pace. In other words, I don’t think 20 teams are going to outplay Mississippi State the rest of the way and I don’t think the Bulldogs are going to play themselves out of the Big Dance. Even if you think the Bulldogs are a 8 seed right now, that still leaves at least 18 teams behind them! I know there’s a lot of basketball to be played, but I’ll keep making bold picks like the Bulldogs. That’s what I’m here for.

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Dantheman's Bracketology Feb 1, Is UNC Still In?

After tonight's loss by North Carolina, I'm sure the main topic in bracketology is going to be about the Tar Heels and whether they should be in the field right now. Due to that, I decided to make an entire blog post motivated to the Tar Heels.

So, here's some common questions I expect to be asked:

Is North Carolina in the field right now?
North Carolina continues to keep losing. Tonight’s loss to Virginia marked the fifth loss in seven games for the Tar Heels. That left me with a tough decision when trying to make my field. First off, would the selection committee really leave out North Carolina ?

When I got past that, this is a North Carolina team with wins over Ohio State and Michigan State, two locks for the NCAA Tournament. The losses, outside tonight’s to the Cavaliers, are all to teams that are in my field.  Their RPI has now entered danger zone range at 76, but the wins gainst OHST and MSU save them for now.


2) What does UNC need to do to make the field?
Well first off, they are North Carolina. A victory against Duke (meaning winning one of the two) would be huge, but the main thing UNC needs to do is avoid awful losses like the ones to Virginia and Charleston. Virginia Tech and Maryland, two ACC bubble teams, are up next for the Tar Heels. Wins over both would really solidify UNC's shorterm status and help raise their RPI numbers.


3) Do you think the Tar Heels will get in the field?
I do. The wins against Michigan State and Ohio State will be tough to ignore and games against Virginia Tech, Maryland, N. C. State, Boston College, and Miami FL provide the Tar Heels with a great chance to get to seven ACC wins. Games against Duke (twice), Georgia Tech, Florida State, and Wake Forest can be looked at as chances for the Tar Heels to boost their resume with a win. If UNC gets to eight ACC wins then it's going to be hard to leave them out, although a lot depends on what else happens around the country between now and then,


And for those wanting to see's North Carolina's remaining schedule:

North Carolina's Remaining Schedule:
Feb 4 at Virginia Tech 16-4 (3-3)  
Feb 7 at Maryland 13-6 (4-2)    
Feb 10 Duke 17-4 (5-2)    
Feb 13 N.C. St. 14-8 (2-5)  
Feb 16 at Georgia Tech 15-5 (4-3)  
Feb 20 at Boston College 12-10 (3-5)    
Feb 24 Florida St. 16-5 (4-3) 
Feb 27 at Wake Forest 14-5 (4-3)   
March 2 Miami (FL) 15-5 (2-5)
March 6 at Duke 17-4 (5-2)



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Streakin' the Court: Day 2 of the Challenge......

The second day of my "Streakin the Court" game is now underway. Here is where you pick your matchups (which I've posted below to show everyone how the game works).

Today's Matchups:

#1 Which result will take place: Illiniois at Penn State? (5:30 CT)
Illinois wins by double digits
Illinois wins by single digits or loses

#2 More Points Scored? (6 CT)
Scottie Reynolds (NOVA, vs. Notre Dame)
Luke Harangody (ND, vs. Villanova)

#3 Who Wins? (6 CT)
Vanderbilt (15-3, 4-0)
AT Tennessee (15-3, 3-1)

#4 Who Wins? (6 CT)
Texas A&M (14-5, 3-2)
AT Oklahoma State (15-4, 3-2)

#5 Who Wins? (7 CT)
Memphis (14-5, 4-1)
AT Marshall (14-5, 4-1)

#6 Who Wins? (7:05 CT)
Creighton (10-10, 5-4)
AT Bradley (10-9, 5-4)

#7 Total Points+ Assists for Jon Scheyer (DUKE)? (8 CT)
22 or less total points and assists
23 or more total points and assists

#8 Which tesult will happen: Texas Tech at Texas? (8 CT)
Texas wins by 13 or more
Texas wins by 12 or less or loses

#9 Who Wins? (9 CT)
Nebraska (12-7, 0-4)
AT Colorado (10-9, 1-4)

#10 Who Wins? (9 CT)
BYU (20-1, 5-0)
AT New Mexico (18-3, 4-2)


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Dantheman's "Streakin the Court Game"

If anyone has ever played the "Streak for the Cash", I created the "Streakin' the Court" game for college basketball only. The game is going to be played on my personal website (I got my forums back up today and have been wanting to play this kind of game for a while). I would run the game over here, but it would be much harder to keep up with who posted when and with what screename and see if someone had multiple accounts and so on and so on.

The game will work just like ESPN's Streak for the Cash. Players will pick a college basketall matchup from the games I list each day and get a winning streak of 1 if they win. Each time they lose their streak restarts (unless they had lost the game before, then they'd be at -2). I'm up for discussion on what the winner gets, although I plan to do three different segments (Now-End of Feb, March 1-Conf. Tournaments, and NCAA Tournament) before the year is over.

Once a game is over, a player can pick the next game.

If you are interested in playing I have the first day's matchups up:
First Day Matchups: Streakin' the Court

NOTE: As always I recommend all of you guys play the Pick Em' game that Beer is nice enough to run and keep up with for all of us. To me, it is the best college basketball pick em on the Internet. The crazy scoring system truly gives anyone joining now a legitimate chance to win.

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January 18th Bracketology & A Breakdown

My newest bracketology is out, but I decided not to just leave it at a bracket this time around. There are always lots of questions and with all the changes I made in this version, I decided it was time to do a breakdown. Below is the breakdown, which is also on my site.

On Sunday Michigan’s win over Connecticut added to the craziness of doing a bracket at this point. After a wild weekend, I decided that my bracketology update was so big that I needed to break it down in a blog to make all the updates make sense.

For instance, how do I explain seeding Purdue (4 seed) and West Virginia (5 seed) after their recent slides? Remember, my bracketology is based on if the season ended today. If the season were to end today, neither the Boilermakers or Mountaineers have played very well down the stretch. The Boilermakers started out undefeated (and were a 1 seed in my last update) and have a win over WVU, but have lost to Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Northwestern since.  WVU slides a bit farther with losses to Purdue, Syracuse, and Notre Dame. Both teams would be top five seeds for sure if the season ended today, but their seeded lower than most would have them in my bracket due to their recent slides.

But those two teams aren’t the biggest storylines in my bracketology. Connecticut (8 seed) and North Carolina (8 seed), two traditional powerhouses, are the big stories. Neither team feels comfortable dwith what their NCAA Tournament resume show right now. Both could very realistically miss the Big Dance.

The Huskies have lost three straight games–all to teams that look like NCAA Tournament squads–while the Tar Heels have lost three of four (including one to Chattanooga). Combined the two teams are 23-12. At this point, you could combine the records of a lot of teams and get a better win percentage than that. As always these teams played good teams out of conference, but that hasn’t really helped their computer numbers.

Here’s a breakdown of everything else to discuss with today’s bracket:

#1 Seeds: The number one seeds are very easy to pick out at this point. Texas, Kentucky, Kansas, and Syracuse would be the 1s if the season ended today. Only Villanova (16-1, 5-0) would have an argument about being left off of the #1 line right now.

Pittsburgh on the Rise: The Panthers were a fringe bubble team in my mind to begin the year, but now they are an easy top three seed. Pittsburgh (15-2, 5-0) is tied for the lead in the Big East and has wins over Syracuse, Cincinnati, Connecticut, and Louisville.

BYU Could Be Extremely High Seed: The Cougars are a 5 seed at this point and could continue to rise. Imagine a Cougars team that ends with one or two losses that ends up winning both the Mountain West regular season title and conference tournament title. That could in turn earn BYU an unconventional high seed for a mid major.

Where Would Butler Be? Imagine for a second that you don’t see the word “Butler” on the Bulldogs jersey. With the resume Butler has, would any other mid major (without the preseason expectations the Bulldogs had) be in the field? I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that Butler, a team that has been under-seeded the last three years, could be over-seeded this year. For some reason I get the feeling that everyone is giving the Bulldogs credit for accomplishing less than what they have other the last few years. In turn, I kept with my thought process and over-seeded them as a 6.

Any Other Questions? Please post them and let me know.

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Dantheman's Bracketology: January 12th

Hopefully there's no major mistakes tonight.....I was exhausted when I put this together.

There is only ONE Pac 10 team in the bracket tonight. I'm tired of waiting on teams like Washington to win games they should. As of now, the Huskies are out.


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Join Me In A Live Chat About Today's Games

Join me today for a live chat on all today's college basketball games! We will discuss all of today's games and I will answer any bracketology questions, so take advantage!


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